Update 16th Nov - Now Fixed: Glitch in Search - results incorrect for No pets & Small Pets

I guess this is part of the bug?
. On the web site. I currently did a search for France. Jan 1 - Feb 13. All pets. Two listings don’t show dates until I click on the listing.
The first 3 under not currently looking show that they are reviewing apps . I’d like to favorite those but it doesn’t show the dates.

Sorry I thought this site was for house sitters with pets? Are you wanting a house with no pets?

@Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr any update on the bug in the search filters?

@ExploreDreamDiscover No nothing yet … I’ve got it bookmarked so as soon as we hear something we’ll update this thread.

I was scrolling adverts with the filter “no pets”, this is the result on one page (it’s also similar on other pages to day)
Are rabbits not considered as animals who need care ?

This has been a known glitch for over a month now.

Yes it is on a list of bugs and glitches being worked on

I am just not enjoying searching for a sit anymore.
I set up a search weeks ago for Europe only but it includes everywhere.
In the last few days a specific search I set up on my app has disappeared.
What do HOs think about the possibility that their listing is not being seen by sitters?

Just out of interest I did a search for last minute sits (dates within the next two weeks) to see how many were unfilled. There were many but most concerning was that a high percentage of listings didn’t show any dates until you actually clicked on the listing. Not ideal as how many sitters would go to that trouble to check the dates. These were sits that had no applicants and are presumably still looking for a sitter.
The more complex the website has become the more glitches seem to arise.


Yes I have noticed that too, all adding up to the frustration of finding a sitting

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I don’t think this is bugs or a glitch

I think you’ll find that is one of those Laws of Physics that ”canna be changed, Captain”

In similar vein, my searches are bombarding me with sits I can’t do. When I ask for a date range, 3+ days with dogs I’m given 12 sits. Alas, only 6 of them are correct and the other 50% have been thrown into the mix just to rub my nose into what I’m missing apparently.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Internet provides information that the suppliers want you to see, not what is actually accurate. Sure, THS want to promote certain sits according to their own criteria but I submit that it would be a good deal less annoying to be given the 6 sits I asked for and then, under those responses, all the stuff they want to promote, in the same way Amazon, eBay and innumerable sellers do.

@Saltrams I agree. These are not bugs in THS search it’s intentional algorithms that are very difficult and time consuming to work around.

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I guess the same thing could be happening when homeowners search for sitters. Are the ‘new’ sitters pushed ahead of the more established ones?
If so it is making it more difficult for everyone to find a good match. It really shouldn’t be this hard or frustrating!

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I am also finding the search awful right now. I have had the misfortune to be included in the two tests - low applicants and the recommended sits.
The first thing I have to do on every search is go in and change recommended to new sits but still get tons of low applicant sits included with dates totally different than I am asking for and sits for a couple of days when I have specified a week minimum.
It makes me just give up searching for a sit which is unfortunate.

THS received a big investment a year ago.
What’s happening is about profits and growth . Read more.



Hi All,

We currently have 3 bugs that are open and we are looking into them. This is on the Pet filter, Duration filter, and some listings getting stuck at the top of the search.

These are not related to the ‘Recommend test’ We will provide an update when these are fixed.

Many Thanks, Ben

Update: 16th November 2022 - We’ve just heard from the tech team that the glitch on searches for “no pets” and “small pets” has now been fixed on both the website and the app. Thanks for everyone’s patience while this was resolved. Please to see there are lots of bunnies and small pets looking for sitters around the world! :rabbit2: :heart_eyes: