Sitter AVAILABILITY Calendar - and how to edit/add/delete dates and location

Yes, because i think no one really looks at the availability. Make it a more useful tool that pops up if we have updated it. When searching a sitter it would come up like it was our residence address. I have invitations every week from my home area. I hate telling them I am not there and I think it is bad for THS because the owner feels like they wasted their time researching and inviting me.

Hello Angela, could you put on the list re calendar that the colours referred to constantly don’t look the same for systems using dark modes. I just added an available week but the green doesn’t show up and neither do the crossed-out days.
Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 11.47.18

Hi @Lauraa, what an excellent point.

I don’t often use the app so have never noticed that.

It does show however how much work has to go into changing something which some may think is just a simple tweak - tests on every type of phone app, browser etc.

Yes @Petermac it’s why I’d suggest just make it possible to hide the calendar for those of us that don’t use it or don’t use it properly.

Hmm, not sure if I agree with that.

I think the calendar is an important part of the whole process.
If you are a full-time sitter, fine, you are almost always available and confirmed sits block off parts of your calendar automatically. You can change location to where you want to go next.

If you only sit a couple of times a year, you use the calendar to highlight when.

Recent times have probably made this even more important where more owners are actively searching for sitters, if everyone filled in the calendar it would make a massive difference - reduce the unwanted sit requests so many sitters say they are getting.

It is about educating the users to do the best thing. Maybe some kind of check on blank(all white) calenders would produce a list of sitters not using it, and an email from THS to remind them, or give instructions.

After all, if you pay an annual subscription you must have a plan to use the service at least once a year.

Another idea, which I have used on another sit site, is to hide your listing, so owners can’t search you until you are free to sit. Visible or hidden.

And also the option to say yes or no to local sits if you don’t change your location.
Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 14.29.30

Please note these are examples from another Housesit site, not THS!

You are one of the users and understanders of the calendar; I don’t want or like it. But note at the moment I fit neither of your two types of sitter. If I feel like it and the right thing turns up, I’m available. I might feel like it a lot of the time for a while and then not feel like it. Also, if I could disappear my calendar altogether, it wouldn’t stop your using it. I suggest the hiding option as response to your comment that fixing it is a big task.

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Hi @Lauraa apologies for the delay in responding but I have been offline (I’m on PT at the moment) @Vanessa-ForumCMgr has passed this over to the Tech Team and they are looking into it. Thank you for flagging.

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Can anyone explain how to do this, please.
I’ve managed to get into the calender previously but cant work out how to at all now on either the website or the app.
We have no availability now until the end of August & id like to show that on my dashboard to save HO’s contacting us unnecessarily.

Hi @Gina I have moved your post here to help with your question, our members have shared their knowledge and this thread contains much of the information you are looking for.

Hi @Gina. @Petermac created an excellent post that explains the various workings of the calendar - see below. Keep in mind that the calendar defaults to being unavailable (in white) and you add in when you ARE available (shows as green).

As owners are actively contacting sitters lately, you may also want to edit your profile and show clearly at the start that you are unavailable until September. It just reinforces what you are showing in your calendar, but can be more noticeable when at the start of your profile.

I couldnt see the “manage availability” anywhere!
Now i just hope ive shaded the right area! Lol.

HOMEOWNERS - I can’t see what you see… I keep getting inquiries for dates that I’m already booked on this website. Are the people inviting me just not looking, or did I do something wrong?

Is the system not ‘smart’ enough that someone can invite me for dates that are blocked off?

I don’t want to go through support, it takes days. Can a homeowner please spare 2 mins and look at my calendar?

Just DM me… :slight_smile:

They’re not looking at your availability calendar. They’re just hitting “Invite Sitter” and your calendar is not synched with that. Maybe add – where you discuss availability – Please review my availability calendar below before sending an invitation

Well that’s kind of silly isn’t it? I thought the system would be smarter than that, but it’s not integrated at all, is it?

And while I appreciate your optimism, I’m getting invitations to go to Europe every couple of days, and it says in my profile that I’m not going to Europe until May 2023… So I don’t think a whole lot of people are even reading that at all.

That might be on purpose? Sitters who sit as a team/couple will overlap dates and separate for a few days to cover the double sits. If they removed that possibility, I imagine some of them would be a little cranky.

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I get your point, but this question has to do with invitations, not sitters reaching out and accepting jobs, and there’s definitely a nuance there.

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I hear you, but I still think the duo sitters would be upset if the system prevented them from being invited to sits on dates they already have sits.

In a perfect world, it would be a setting sitters could toggle off and on.

In a truly perfect world, HOs would look at your calendar before inviting you. :grinning:


@MissChef I can see your availability and crossed off dates.

So, it’s likely that they are just not scrolling far enough down to see your calendar.


Thank you so much! As I said, from the sitter side, I don’t have any clue what that looks like. All I see is that I indicated the dates are blocked but I can’t see what the calendar actually looks like, unless I’m doing that wrong too hahaha.

Sadly so many sitters do not fill in their calendars so this is not always possible.