Sitter feedback not prompted?

I always ask hosts for a review after every sit but I’ve only ever had 2 hosts ask ME for a review! Therefore, especially in the beginning, as a newer member, I thought host feedback was not so important. I saw it more as an option rather than a requirement and I focussed only on making sure we got our 5* sitter review! It seemed to me that hosts were less bothered about getting reviews, but for sitters they are essential!
Nowadays I almost always do give feedback as I’ve realised how useful it is - for me-to see previous sitter feedback when choosing a Sit. However on many listings I see many previous sitters have not given feedback. This now raises questions and doubts for me. Did something go wrong? I know from my own experience that I sometimes write nothing rather than write anything negative that could trigger a revenge review.
I also only write feedback after I have received my review as I see the review- in lieu of payment-as the completion of the Sit for me. Whereas for the homeowner - arriving home to a clean home and happy pets is the completion of the sit for them. And the sitter feedback is extra. Thats my logic anyway!
Also now the option to check host reviews is open again I often check both feedback & reviews given to get a fuller impression of the Sit. I looked at one Sit the other day that had 3 previous sitters only one of whom left feedback. I then went on each profile and saw that host had not reviewed any of the 3! This would be an instant red flag for me.
I’ve learnt over the years to be as discerning as possible when choosing a sit, reading between the lines and asking more questions rather than less. A couple of bad experiences have made me extra cautious!


There we have it. Does the devil lie in the details? Feedback vs Review?
In my, very firm opinion the term “feedback” is most inappropriate in this context. It is misleading, creates confusion, and only enhances the imbalance between sitters and pet owners. It is a two-way street. 50-50. No exceptions. Pet owners review sitters and sitters review pet owners.

Both groups, sitters and pet owners, can however provide THS feedback. We can also review THS, but for that other platforms are used.

p.s. I am a very experienced Internet user. Yet I was unable to review my first pet owner and had to ask for help on this forum. It never even crossed my mind to click on “Feedback”. To me, feedback means - please give us, the platform owner (THS) feedback.


Totally agree.


You are right - the terms feedback & review imply totally different things. It should be review- both ways. That’s why I initially placed no great emphasis on host feedback-i.e how it could benefit them too- until I realised how useful it is in helping me to choose Sits. Also there should be the option, like sitter reviews, to rate hosts in different categories. E.g cleanliness. My last host would only have got a 2*!! But with only the 5👍you have no way to highlight that unless specifically mentioning it.


I also agree. The terminology should be changed so feedback is removed from the mix. HO review sitters, sitters review HO. If I can figure out how, I’m going to vote for this change.

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