Wonderful house sitter

We had an amazing sitter several weeks back. And we have been so busy I forgot to review her. I looked around and can’t figure out where to do it. I know I must be missing the link or page. Can anyone help me please?!
Thank you!


That’s great you’re going to review your sitter @Loreemezz as they’ll appreciate that. If using the website, go into your Dashboard then click on the dropdown box near your photo. You’ll see Reviews which you need to click on and then you should be right.
If using the app, down the bottom right corner click on Me then you’ll see Reviews and an arrow which will take you to Reviews you’ve given and that sitter will appear.


Thank you so much!

As someone new-ish to THS, I think this could be made easier. I’ve left a review for every sitter, but it’s not easy. We - HO’s - need to seek out the link to leave a review.

On the flip side, I had a pre-confirmation zoom conversation with a potential sitter. I’d noticed that they had a handful of reviews, but had never left HO feedback. I asked her about that & she said the sits were great but she couldn’t figure out how to leave feedback. I’ve noticed that a lot of sitters I’ve had have left no feedback for any HO’s, despite having had multiple sits.

On Airbnb, both the guests and the hosts get multiple email reminders, with links, to leave reviews. I’d think it would be pretty easy for THS to do the same.


I couldn’t agree with you more. Leaving feedback or a review is not intuitive on THS.


We’ve only ever had a couple of hosts leave a spontaneous review for us. The vast majority respond after being prompted to by the review request we send them via the site. And very few hosts send us a feedback request. I’ve noticed some sitters give their feedback on the back of the review they receive rather than on the hosts page- therefore it is seen only on their own profile page and not by future sitters for that host…
Once we get a review THS congratulates us and invites us to leave a review for them- BUT this is not an alert to leave feedback for the host. It is a request for a review of THS itself on Trustpilot! Many people get caught out, or confused, by this and therefore leave their review/feedback in the wrong place.
I have never (in 58 sits) had a message from THS to leave feedback or request a review (except for the Trustpilot one of themselves)and I agree the site is not intuitive or easy for everyone to navigate.
Once you know the system its easy but you have to first know it!! :crazy_face:


This subject has been brought up previously in other threads. THS are not keen to change the system as it keeps their Trust Pilot rating high.


As a HO, I have never seen the link to request feedback. I am sure it is there somewhere… But why don’t I get a link to request feedback as soon as I leave the review?

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Hi @GardenCat will tag @Therese-Moderator to pick this up when she is back online.

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There does not seem to be such a link sent out. Certainly from the sitter side I am never prompted to send Host feedback. I only ever get a request for a review of THS itself…

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I got an email from THS yesterday congratulating me on my review which contained a link to leave a review of THS.
I think the emphasis should be on prompting sitters to leave feedback for the homeowner/host.
I feel this causes much confusion.
In the early days I don’t think it was an option to leave feedback for the homeowner on how the sit went. Then I just replied to their review which is not helpful when sitters look at listings as they cannot see that response.


Hi @GardenCat If you go to the drop-down menu on the top right hand side. There is a feedback section where you can request feedback as well as see previous feedback that you have given.

Thank you, Therese. It wasn’t so much personal frustration at not knowing how to do it - though there was some of that - but that it isn’t made super easy overall.

Whenever posiible, I plan on having a review chat at the conclusion of being a sitter/HO.

I am also putting a blurb in my HO welcome book to remind sitters of the review process.

And…considering leaving a friendly reminder card for HO’s upon my departure.

And doing the email reminder.