Feedback/Review Etiquette

What is the etiquette for leaving feedback/reviews, who goes first - the HO or the sitter?

As a sitter I prefer the home owner to go first but if the sit has been extra special then I’m usually excited to go first.
Either way I don’t think it matters


great, thanks for your thoughts @Crazydoglady

Interesting question @SchindlersOnTour.
Will the feedback be different after the review if it is honest feedback? or vice versa.
It’s a dance, lead the way. :heartbeat:


Not on my part. Love the dance analogy @Amparo , thank you.

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We’ve never had a bad sit, nor expected a bad review, so we always do ours right away. Not sure what I’d do if I had something negative to say. I’m still hoping we move to an Airbnb style - you have a month to get it done but it’s not posted until both are done, or the month is up.


I have done it both ways but after finding some homeowners can be a little slow in getting to their reviews I have been holding mine back till they post theirs.

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Only on a couple of occasions have I given feedback before receiving a review. What can happen is the owner then replies directly underneath the feedback you have given. This then results in it showing on THEIR listing’s feedback and not on your’s! So then you have to ask them to copy and paste it in the correct review dropdown box. For this reason, I usually send a request through the THS channel so that owners can then respond in the correct section.


Never thought about it.
I review when I remember and when I have the time. If the pet owner does it first well and good, if it’s me first no problem. Does it matter?

Lie you @Kelownagurl all our sits have been great so far and we have only positive things to say!

Thanks @Kootenaigirl Its good to know there is no right or wrong way.

Not sure what that means?

(Hoping it was mean to be “like you” not “lie you”. Just realized that. :slight_smile:

Thanks @temba , that’s good to know.