How to review our sit?

Excuse me for the silly question, but I would like to give our last sit a 5 star review, however I am relatively new and I found myself using a link sent through Trusted Housesitters that was actually reviewing them and not the last sit. I also found a place to leave the homeowner feedback, but I don’t believe that is the same as the public review. These were lovely people with a beautiful home and wonderful dog. I definitely want to share with the community.

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Drop down menu
Feedback, below Reviews


Yes Feedback is how you “review” a homeowner. It’s different than the sitter review.

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Welcome @JenniferR so glad that your first sit went well . We also started with THS this year and have also had some great sits .

There’s no such thing as a silly question :slightly_smiling_face:. It also took us a while to work out the THS platform and this forum has lots of experienced members who will help with any questions you have .

You can’t leave your “feedback” for the homeowner until one day after the sit finishes . So that maybe why you can’t find it yet .

Feedback from sitters is public on the homeowners listing.


You had it! - This is the place you need to leave your feedback - Anything you leave here will appear on their profile

Sitters leave ‘feedback’
Home hosts leave ‘reviews’