Leaving my house sit a review


I just finished up my first sit and asked the owner for a review as she was also new and she completed it-5 star. I would like to leave her one as well. How do I do this or so I need to ask her to ask me to do it? Is that proper? It was a good sit and would help her for future sits. I just don’t see anywhere on my profile/account to complete one for her.


If you look in the drop down menu under your name (in the top menu), click on “feedback” and you should see a place to leave your review of your sit.


Hi @Libby2019 and great to hear that you both had a great first 5-star sit experience. This is always wonderful to hear ! As @Kelownagurl says, you’ll find the FEEDBACK option on your dashboard… but here also are the instructions from the help desk to guide you through the process:

Have you got a second sit booked? Are you going to be house sitting over Christmas?