How do I give owner feedback after a sit?

We are new to the community and want to get some feedback/reviews as a homeowner.

Our first pet sitter says she can’t find where to submit feedback on us. (I had no problem finding the place to review the sitter.)

Is there a particular place to look? Does the option disappear after a certain amount of time?


All she needs to do is click on her name in the upper right corner and a drop down menu appears with all the options. I use my laptop for TH as much as possible, since the options on the phone app are a little different and may not be there at all.


Hi @NWRUnner @btee is absolutely correct (thank you) the sitter needs to go into the dashboard and click on the little “arrow” next to her name and she will see a drop down, select Feedback and it will take her to the sits she has completed …

Hello everyone!
I just completed my first sit a few days ago.
It was fantastic and I’m keen to add my review.
Does THS send a link, or is this a voluntary gesture?
Thanks in advance,

@Ben-ProductManager it would be helpful if this link appeared in the dashboard once a sit was done. Right now the dashboard links for completed sits are: View Listing and View Conversation. Adding an “Add Feedback” link there should be pretty quick and a good UX/UI improvement.


Thanks so much!

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Hello @Louise65 and so pleased to hear that you completed your first sit!! We’d love to hear where in the world you spent your time and who with !!

Thankyou @SandC for pointing Louise in the right direction for leaving feedback (for general clarity - sitters leave “feedback”, owners leave “reviews”) and I’ve moved these comments here into a related topic as you’ll also see a screenshot in Angela’s post above that will help you find the options available on your dashboard.

Here’s to sit number 2!!

All the best

Hi Vanessa!

Currently on my second sit in Provence!

The first one was about an hour away from Bordeaux, near a town called Marmande.

I’m sure that the owners/listings must come up for you on your end no?

Having a blast!


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Hi @Louise65 I’m just going to add a tag for @Vanessa-ForumCMgr to make sure she sees your reply. I don’t think you used the reply arrow in her post entry to you (you probably used the green one at the bottom), and I don’t want it to get missed. Vanessa will be particularly interested that you were in France, as it’s where she is usually based. She will see this when she’s next online. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Louise and wow… Provence for your second sit… that’s the wonderful thing about there being so many sits at the moment, the opportunities for new sitters are awesome! I’m in Mexico right now, but we will be back at our long term pet free sit (long story) at the end of June, so if you ever make it close to Dijon or Beaune do let me know - we’d love to start some THS meetups in France!! Coffee and croissants or cheese and wine … and lots of chat about house sitting, travel and of course the pets!! Happy house sitting!!

THere is no such option… only hosts can leave feedback

Hello @LongTimer - thanks for your comment, however, just to clarify in case there’s any confusion, it is possible for both owners/hosts and sitters to give reviews… they are just referred to differently.

Feedback = sitters give “feedback” to owners/hosts about a sit
Reviews = owners/hosts give “reviews” to a sitter

Essentially they are the same thing with different names, and as a consequence they sometimes get interchanged in discussions, which is where confusion sometimes occurs.

Hope that help make things clearer, but if you need any further info on the topic just ask :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much!

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This is probably a duplicate, but I’m trying to catch up on reviews for the past couple sits I’ve completed. One of the HOs has left me one, but when I go to “dashboard - my sits” I can only view their listing. And in the “reviews” section of the drop-down menu in the top right of the website, I only see reviews of me by HOs and the option to request a review from the one who hasn’t left one on their own yet.

Where do I go to post my own review of a sit that’s already been completed?

In the drop-down box, you go to Feedback as sitters give feedback to owners @happycatsitter

Hi @happycatsitter As @temba mentioned, sitters give feedback to homeowners and you will find the feedback selection when you click on your name and you will see the drop down menu:

Absolutely not. “Feedback” is given by buyers to describe their experience, and opinion of the sellers while “Reviews” are given by buyers to describe the accuracy of the product they buy.

As THS is based on a 50/50 exchange both parties are either buyers (or ev sellers) and should review each other (or give feedback to each other). Therefore, not only is the THS´s implementation of the term “Feedback”, technically wrong which consequently causes confusion amongst the sitters as well as the never-ending questions of “how do I review the pet owners” but is also the original source of sitter/owner imbalance.

I am very surprised that despite continuous negative feedback from sitters THS chooses not to correct this erroneous and misleading terminology


Hi Vanessa!
Just seeing this, sorry! Although Provence is where I want to go, again, I will absolutely let you know if I am in the Beaune region. I worked for Butterfield and Robinson years ago, and their headquarters is there, so it’s a town I have fond memories of/in…:slight_smile:
Your long term pet free sit sounds intriguing. Def worth a chat over un verre!
All the best,


This is not the first time I have had trouble figuring out how to leave a review for a sit I’ve done. Each time I go onto the TH site, I have to look up how to do it. It should be considered a “review”, just like the reviews homeowners leave for sitters.

Also, I am never prompted to leave a review of the sit (unlike that asks for a review almost before I’ve even checked out). Sometimes I get home and am quickly caught up in home life and half the time forget to leave a review, even for what has been a wonderful sit. I would think a reminder within a couple of days of the sit ending would benefit both sitters and homeowners, with a direct link to where one can leave a review.


Hello @Laurel. Thanks for your feedback on the owner feedback/review process. I have forwarded your comments to our product team for their consideration.
-Karen E