How do I give owner feedback after a sit?

I completely agree with you. I would love to understand the rationale to explain why they DON’T currently do this.

Please can you remind me how to do the feedback after a completion on the HO listing. I have done it many times before but each time find it impossible to find the right tab to click on and just do it. I have already replied to HO review on us. I like to do both.

Hi @TheFicks just moved your question here as the answer (solution) is in the top post. Scroll to top and you’ll see a screenshot that will help. All the best!

Vanessa - hello
Have done what you said and it takes me to what I have already done and that is reply to our own review as a form of acknowledgement and thanks for a good review - something we always do.
However, we want to also leave a review on the HO listing which is where our fellow HS find out more about the listing. I’m stuck - again. Please help.

Hello @TheFicks …Good morning! I’ve had a quick look at your account and it looks like you have already given feedback to your most recent house sit owners which is showing on their listing. However, I can’t see the acknowledgement response on the review they gave to you. But as this is the opposite of what you’re mentioning, I’m going to tag @Therese so that she can contact you direct and take you through the different options available to get the outcome you want. I see you are heading to France soon… to a lovely part of the country!! Enjoy!