Sitter was a no show for Zoom Meeting

@BonnyinBrighton Cloud storage is a great backup. I’ve be way stressed out if I only had one way to access my passwords. Also, “forgot my password” will get you what you need most always in a pinch. I’m definitely tech savvy and will always find a way lol

Best of luck!

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Hi @legendvictoria

Did you hear back from the sitter at all?


We had HOs no show to a zoom call, but when I emailed her, she emailed right back to reschedule, and then we were good. I’m all about giving a little grace (also this was a family with small children) but if this sitter did not even respond back to your attempts to reach out yet, that would be a red flag for me and IMO, she lost her chance with you. Maybe give her a deadline (in your head) to reply, but once that deadline has been reached with no contact yet, move on for sure.


@Jenny I never heard back from the sitter. I declined the sits after approximately 48 hours of no contact.


Thank you @KellySue_Nate I guess all of my worries were in vain since she never responded. I’m hope she is ok and I’ll just press forward in my pursuit of a sitter for my two upcoming sits. All is well :blush:

I’ve had this happen twice. I decline the application with a note that they can reapply if they encountered an unexpected emergency. One never reapplied, one apologized and said it was time zone confusion but never reapplied. I think being on time is a basic element of demonstrating responsibility and while I can be understanding in some instances it really is off-putting.