Sitter was a no show for Zoom Meeting

I keep my various passwords in my notes (face protected) on my mobile so if I lost it I wouldn’t be able to log into anything including email…. or reset passwords either. Yes I often write my email password in a code on paper when travelling and that paper is in a pocket or bag…. so am I flakey if my bag/phone is lost/stolen? Possibly flakey very occasionally …. my techie son thinks so but my friends think I’m tech savvy. I’m somewhere in the middle…
I need a new plan methinks…. but what?

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Did they live in Brighton by any chance? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My lips are sealed :wink:

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As a sitter I’d be in the home so I’m unlikely to lose my passwords there and I’d have access to partner/son online who also have all my passwords …. we all have our own systems for managing this stuff. Very occasionally it fails, and nobody including technology professionals is perfect. I’m always forgiving when techie stuff happens…. and will always try to find a get around.
I’m assuming nobody here travels with their own electric generator?

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I’m with you on the tech/password malarky.

One password fits all, and who would know my favourite colour anyway? :rofl:

I did think of having my password tattooed on my elbow until it was pointed out to me that I’d be the only person that couldn’t see it :sweat_smile:

Ive survived this long so all’s good - you can’t teach an old dog new tricks :rofl:


If you’re referring to charging devices, many travelers carry portable chargers. Personally, I usually have three or four with me, depending on what kind of travel. That’s so I can charge some while using others and switch out. Separately, I haven’t yet used my RV on sits, but might later, and it has a generator built in, along with solar panels.

The point is that all tech based systems however secure have risks, and will fail from time to time, but as humans we do our best to manage all the myriad risks. Each time something goes awry we learn from it and upgrade our system.

But back to the missing sitter gone AWOL online…. more worrying is if it’s not tech related but something else. I hope they’re ok.

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Right. No one mentioned expecting perfection, though. What we’re talking about is basic security practiced with tech and sitters needing to be reliable and reachable. If a sitter isn’t reachable or flakes, that puts hosts at greater risk of not getting updates or emergency notices, for example. And those are basic expectations for sitters, which was the reason for the original post.

I have fortunately only had one sitter completely miss a zoom call. We’d only scheduled it the day before and my last message from the sitter was that they were looking forward to it. They were a new sitter on the platform.

I waited 20 minutes, sent a message asking if we were still on/need to reschedule, and the next day when I had still not gotten a response, I declined them with the message “I am assuming you are no longer interested in this sit”. Life is too short.

Ghosting is unfortunately preferable to some folks instead of direct communication.

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Makes sense. Ghosting is definitely on the rise in the world. Apart from sitting, there’s been a lot of coverage about job applicants who no-show for interviews or even new-hires who simply don’t show up for their first day of work, without communicating anything. And with dating and personal relationships, many folks complain about ghosting.

Am I showing my age by not knowing what ghosting is…. I had to Google it…. Oh dear :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Just a thought @legendvictoria .
Are you in the same time zone ? Could there have been a misunderstanding about the time for your zoom call- were you both going on your local time ?

The only other way to contact a sitter is to ask THS member services to try and contact them on your behalf as they have alternate contact numbers .

Thank you @BonnyinBrighton I totally understand what you’re saying. However, we were scheduled at 4:30p yesterday and it’s now 9:30a and I’ve heard nothing.

Sorry but I don’t know any 20 somethings that stay away from devices for that long.


Thank you @HappyDeb Deep down I know that I would be worried the whole time if I gave this sitter a chance. First impressions mean a ton!

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Thank you @ziggy Pulling your application in this situation is totally understandable. I’m sorry to hear this was your experience and hope it was an isolated incident.

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Thank you @Lokstar This is very helpful information. Being new to the site and hoping that sitters will give you a chance as a newbie has left me feeling almost desperate.

I’ve had one sit so far. 5 star review and very positive remarks about my fur babies, my home, and me. My next one starts Saturday. My hope is that as I host more sitters, my reviews will speak for themselves.


Unless you get a very compelling justification for why they missed the call, this would be a swift decline for me.

No show is thé worst foot to start off on and does not instill any type of confidence that they will be reliable in future.

Move on to the next person on our list.

Thank you @Smiley I’ve had multiple sitters apply for more than one sit during their first application with me. However, most of the sitter in the forum have said exactly what you’re saying. I find these difference very interesting. Maybe they are newbies like me. And they were also local. My guess is that’s definitely a factor.

My very first sitter signed up for three of my sits. The experience was positive overall but I can tell that she didn’t read my Welcome Guide. My plan is to express my expectations as we communicate.

There’s such a learning curve overall to this experience but I think it was get better and better as time goes on.

The forum has been a huge help. I truly appreciate this community. I’d be so lost without everyone’s suggestions and feedback.


Thanks @Maggie8K I definitely see what you’re saying and have taken everyone’s feedback into consideration.

Thanks @Colin At least they answered which wasn’t the case for me :upside_down_face: