HO not showing for a zoom call and then profile is inactive

Just yesterday a homeowner confirmed our zoom call for tonight sent me a link and said I’ll see you tomorrow. When I went to the call they kept saying waiting for the person to open the meeting and then went to her profile and it says that she’s inactive for now. It won’t let me message her so I have no idea what happened. Is this a common thing?

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I had a similar issue last night with WhatsApp where the HO was ringing me but it wasn’t coming through on my side…… I was generous in my thoughts (I’d sat waiting for an hour) and tried to work out what was happening….eventually we discovered that I’d have to add the HO as a contact and then it worked. Regarding Zoom, it can be confusingly flakey at either end with multiple variables impacting the thing 100% working/connecting. I’ve trained many people in how to use Zoom so I know most of the issues/get arounds. I’d try again. Best wishes.

Is it common? Well, there are 2 matters here. Do people flake on their scheduled video chats? Yes it happens. I couldn’t provide a number on how often but it gets mentioned in the forum periodically. The fact that the HO is now listed as inactive could indicate that their membership expired.

No, that scenario is not common.

If they sent you a Zoom invite, you usually get their email as part of the invite, unless they just cut and pasted the Zoom link into a THS msg. If you have the email invite, I’d just email them.

Personally, when I trade msgs about chatting via video or phone at the outset, I share my email address and phone number (which also works on WhatsApp and Signal), so potential hosts have alternative ways to reach me and they share theirs.

Don’t rely on just using THS’s inbox, because its tech isn’t reliable even when someone’s membership stays active. In your case, the host’s inactivity is odd. Maybe their membership lapsed or they’ve been suspended while THS investigates them. In the latter case, you might’ve dodge a bullet. That’s likely why they didn’t turn up on Zoom.


That’s rather unusual. Strange that communication has broken down here. Hope that all is well with the pets/ owners. Do you have any other contact details for them? Hope you hear from them soon.

Happened to me once with a HO. Waited for the Zoom call - and waited, and waited, she never opened meeting. I contacted her after a few hours via WhatsApp or through THS messages can’t remember which, and she replied next day, said oh I’ve been sick and didn’t want to talk. Well thanks very much! I had bad communication with her from day dot so it was an obvious red flag and I withdrew my interest immediately. Not only inconvenient but extremely rude and disrespectful.


We often struggle with Zoom so find WhatsApp much easier.


@Colin I remember now I even called her on WhatsApp to see what was going on but zilch, zero. Just didn’t feel like talking :roll_eyes: I never use Zoom for this sort of thing but that’s what this woman wanted. Never done it since


Hi @Chantylly
Sorry this has happened to you. No, it’s not usual.
As already suggested I prefer whatsapp for the initial video chat as you then have their phone number and a way to message them. It’s also a good way to communicate/send pics during the sit if accepted.

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Isn’t there a new “Try THS for 2 weeks free” thing?
Maybe their free membership expired


Some folks use Zoom, because they have work accounts that are paid by their companies. Zoom probably prioritizes those users vs. folks who use free accounts.

WhatsApp isn’t usually used by companies, because it doesn’t offer enterprise-level security. Companies won’t usually take such risks, because if there’s a breach, that can lead to various problems, as well as potential liability.

Many people at companies also have their calendars integrated with Zoom, so it can be convenient for them.

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I was stood up for a video call last week also. The HO later said that she had found someone else that morning. Fine, but tell me before the call, don’t leave me waiting for your call. When I told her that it was bad form, she told me not to get “worked up”! I wish that I could block sits from appearing in searches, because I would never sit for that HO now.


@Lassie that was very poor form by the HO! If the shoe were on the other foot, I am sure she would have gotten worked up about it!


That’s very disrespectful of the HO to have done that. Good job that things didn’t go ahead as you well and truly dodged a bullet there. You didn’t deserve to have your time wasted like that though.


More and more it looks like common courtesy and kindness has gone the way of the dodo.
It baffles me all the time, especially when it takes one minute to send a message explaining the situation. You do not even have to pick up the phone and actually talk! :woman_facepalming:t4:


People have always had bad manners; it is not a recent development. There would have been no need for etiquette books hunderds of years ago if everyone behaved perfectly!

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You’re as forthright as me @Lassie, I often have to tell owners how discourteous it is not to respond to my application for ages when I see they’ve read it! :joy:


I’m glad that you do that also! Some homeowners get defensive, but maybe they will do better next time.


Thank you for all the comments. I had had prompt and consistent communication with this homeowner and she seemed excited to talk to me. That was why I was confused on why she sent me the zoom link on this messaging system (I did not get her email) she had just confirmed with me the night before that we were talking the next day. Initially I thought maybe there was a problem where she couldn’t show up or something had happened but then I went to her profile and it said she was inactive. She had gotten many good reviews and had many previous sits. So I really don’t know what happened. I’ve had another incident where I applied for a sit or two and there was never any response at all. I followed up about a week later with a pleasant message asking if she would like to ask me any questions or what her process was in picking a house sitter since she had several dates before the sit that I applied for. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt that she had a lot of applications to go through or to just get some direction and she pretty much told me well apply for other sits if you need to. I sent back another message that was very pleasant giving her the benefit of the doubt and said I was still interested I was just inquiring on her process or what she was looking for. It shows that she read and still no response. Originally there were two sitters that had applied and now it’s just down to me so I’m wondering if she’s just bad in communicating. Or if she just does not respond to someone that she’s not interested in. I have a very good profile and a lot of experience but I’m new to trusted house sitters so I don’t have many reviews.When I looked over her reviews they were great. I think some people are just rude or lack communication skills. If you have time to read somebody’s message it only takes 2 seconds to respond that they’re not interested or that they don’t have time right now and they’re looking forward to it in the future or whatever.

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@Lassie wow, sounds like you dodged a bullet there.