Sitters Availability Calendars showing white

As a newbie, I want to search for sitters who are available on the dates I wish to go away. I also want to restrict this to my local area as it’s a short break. I can filter on the location OK and see everyone but I can’t find a way to only bring up those who are free on my preferred dates. The Live Chat told me that I could do this with the Dates filter, but this still brings up people whose calendar shows all white, as well as those who are showing green and are free. It’s very time consuming having to go into everyone’s individual profiles to check their calendars. Does anyone else have a similar problem. I am told it’s being referred to the development team.

Hi, and welcome. I’m a sitter only. If you use the search function on the forum and search the word ‘calendar’ you’ll see that there has been a lot of discussion about the calendar, and mostly negative unfortunately. As you’ve discovered, it’s less-than-ideal and so there are sitters who choose not to use it. Hence the reason perhaps you are seeing so many showing white. Based on the need for improvement of the calendar, you may not want to rely too heavily on that search feature.

I realize my answer doesn’t offer a solution, but I’ll leave that for others to hopefully address. I can only think to narrow your search using the other filters, but not being a homeowner here, I can’t be more specific, or offer any comments on how successful that might be.

As you are a newbie, I’ll also suggest that you make sure to include photos that will allow the sitter to assess whether they are interested. Most sitters are looking for photos of what will be their living area, including the bathroom and bedroom they will use. Many new users make the mistake of adding many pet photos but few of the indoor space. You can also find many tips on the forum as to what information is important to most sitters. I hope all goes well for you, and safe travels.

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Thank you. I did indeed fine the posts on the Calendar but thought that they may only apply to sitters so your reply is really helpful. Fortunately THS did let me know that I’d not put the right sort of photos on our profile originally, but I have sorted that now.

I do appreciate you taking the trouble to respond so fully – thanks very much indeed.


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Hi @AllieDeb welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters and thank you @Snowbird for helping clarify the calendar use, which can be frustrating and this is being looked into as the team have said and also giving tips on the best kind of images to include.

If you need any additional information you will find this article from our website helpful along with others which you can find here

@AllieDeb your home and adorable feline trio look lovely, the location is really very popular I’m sure you have a good response to your listing.

Our members are incredible helpful and I’m sure will give some great advice, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we are here to help.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

As an owner, after a cancellation, i try to contact all sitters not too far from my home, looking at their calendar.
The majority are white, several green, a few tell they are not available.
I did contact many and unfortunately even If they seem available, they answer they are not. And yes it takes hours to make à selection, to write an invitation and to wait for the answer before daring send a new one.
So obviously you can’t rely on the calendar