Sitters more interested in a place to stay than your pets

Thanks for this. I had 3 new applications this morning and have now confirmed a sitter!


I have only done one sit with THS and am scheduled for my next one. I also have a dog and have not yet chosen to find a sitter through THS. I’ve just moved and the house isn’t guest ready. So that’s why I’ve been reading this thread. To see what the homeowner perspective on THS is. I think it’s quite valuable to have the perspective of sitter and dog owner.

To have an in home sitter in my area costs 80 dollars a night. That adds up fast. I’m fortunate enough to have some young friends who take her in for less or stay here for a more modest fee.

I don’t think you can lay the same expectations at the feet of a paid sitter as you do a THS. This is an exchange. Not of money for in home dog care. But of something you want in exchange for something I want. I read the past reviews of other sitters. I read your profile carefully to see what your expectations are. The ones who say “can’t ever be left alone” are a hard pass. The ones that give reasonable expectations I look more closely at. I love dogs. And the outdoors. And it’s wonderful to spend time outdoors with a dog. Of course the care of the dog comes first. But I’m also there to experience slow travel and living in another place. I want the company of dogs as much as possible. But if I go off for 4 hours and see something that interests me when dogs aren’t allowed I feel OK about that.

Personally I would NOT want a sitter who doesn’t have a primary home and who goes from sit to sit.

The important thing is that you support the needs of each other and state expectations clearly. On both sides.


Ouch! - Like a :dagger: straight through the :heart:!!


Just curious, why?

“Personally I would NOT want a sitter who doesn’t have a primary home and who goes from sit to sit.”

Why not?
That’s exactly what my hubby & I do! Most hosts find our nomadic lifestyle fascinating! And some are even a bit envious!

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Holy Long Thread Batman…! :roll_eyes:

I wonder if the OP has ever travelled and housesat? The one (1) consistently helpful feature of THS’s webpage is the WORLD MAP that allows sitters to easily LOCATE PLACES THEY WANT TO HOUSE SIT! It is more than a little fallacious to believe the map or adverts are done intentionally for only sitters that want to travel more than care for houses and pets.

Obviously there will be those that want to abuse the system, but if they don’t care for your home or pet as much as location, there’s the rating system, and they won’t last long

Good morning Lokstar,

Those sitters who are maintaining a home elsewhere are more likely to return to that home in my opinion. My US State has laws which give someone tenancy rights after 30 days. I also wouldn’t want someone to choose my sit because they were trying to fill a gap in their schedule. I’d rather they choose my sit because they want to be out and about with my sweet pup in my city.


See my reply to Lokstar

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Awww. Sorry! I’m sure you’re great.

You point about tenancy rights is an excellent one: Some states give tenancy even after less than 30 days!! Here is where one can research tenancy rights in each state

However, municipalities also have their own tenancy rights!

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I think you have some misconceptions about the type of people who travel full-time. You seem to have a very low opinion of us. You may pass up great sitters because you don’t understand what we do.


Not at all. I think it’s an interesting way to live. But the tenancy laws are what they are so I’m just not comfortable choosing a sitter who doesn’t maintain a home elsewhere. Everyone has their preferences about a sit and a sitter, and this is one of mine. We all just need to communicate our preferences clearly so that we can find the right match.

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We are full time travellers but now have an apartment back home (Covid made us). We both knew what we wanted to do when we retired and we are living our dream life, looking after great pets while travelling round the world.
I have a US visa which means I can stay in USA for six months at a time. If I abuse that they won’t let me back in so I’m not interested in tenancy of you or anyone else’s home. Should I state that on my applications?

If you are worried about tenancy, you definitely have misconceptions about people who travel full-time. We are traveling because that’s what we want to do, not because we don’t have a home - we intentionally gave up our homes in order to travel. I’m highly educated and have a professional career that I can do from anywhere. When I’m ready to settle down again in one place, I can easily buy another home. Housesitting enriches my travels, I love being able to spend time with pets while I’m traveling and live like a local.


I really don’t have misconceptions. I understand that you’re just doing you. But the law is clear. And I’ve had friends burned by those entrusted to care for a property who decided to claim tenancy rights. So for me it’s a preference I have for any sitter that I would hire for my dog. Just like I couldn’t apply for a sit which states a preference of a couple as I travel for sits as a single. That’s the HOs preference.

Hi @Lulubelle Your response comes across as rather judgemental of people you don’t know and a lifestyle you are perhaps not familiar with! My husband and I have owned, and maintained, homes throughout our lives but for the last 12 years we have chosen to live a nomadic lifestle- for many years as full time motorhomers and the last few years as global housesitters. This is our choice as we love our freedom. We fund our lifestyle through self managing a few rental properties we own (we are great landlords!) and we are highly responsible in everything we do. We are currently on our 70th sit in 10 countries! We choose our sits for all sorts of reasons- location, pets, property features, dates etc- we love to ‘slow travel’ in places that interest us and caring for homes and pets in exchange for a home from home all adds to the experience and the enriches our travels. But all factors need to come together. We would not choose your sit if we did not like your dog or city etc and we have no interest whatsover in squatting, or assuming tenancy rights, in your home or anyone elses!
Sometimes we take breaks from housesitting to visit friends and family and in some countries its easier to rent an airbnb.
At the age of 60 we have more than earned the right to live as we please!
You have every right too, to choose your sitters by whatever criterior are important to you.
But by ruling out nomadic sitters you might miss out on really great sitters like us! :blush::pray:


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No judgment at all! I think it’s really cool that you are able to live that way. It’s just a preference of mine. Based somewhat on my friend’s experience.

I’m considering upgrading my membership to include searching for house and dog sitters. So it’s been very helpful to read this thread and see what HOs and sitters need in their sits so that I know where I want to position my listing. And where the disconnects may lie so that I can be more clear in my listing both as a sitter and homeowner.

Happy Saturday wherever you are!

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Hi Lokstar, we are fulltime rver’s and landlords too. We have travelled the last 2+ years with our motorhome and our 3 kids but now we have put our rv in storage and have been signing up petsits this summer. That’s so neat you’ve already been doing it for 12 years. Congrats, I hope to be you in 10 years with 12 years of travel experience

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Dealing with squatters is a small but a real legitimate concern. There are professional squatters out there and I’ve heard of AirBnb’s being a victim. Last week we did a 10 day sit in Colorado and my son fell in love with the dogs so much that he asked if we could just stay there forever with the dogs. I told him that would make us squatters. He didn’t see anything wrong with that.