Is there such a thing as cat people sitters and dog people sitters?

I am new to the site and I am wondering if sitters have a preference for one or the other? If yes, what text should we put for preferences without discarding the owners from giving me a chance to sit them?

Hi @Wanderer welcome to our community forum … I have updated your membership as per your request on another thread.

Are you asking about how your profile should read regarding animals and the pets you are hoping to care for? If so it’s far better to be honest if your preferences are that strong, in fact there are sitters who only choose to sits one species of pet.

We have many cat and dog members and all creatures great and small there will be plenty of opportunities to apply to care for the pets that you feel experienced and comfortable enough to connect with.

Owners do search and reach out to sitters, especially if they have urgent needs such as last minute sits, this is where the sitters profile details are important, owners will be able to select the sitters they feel are the best potential fit for them and their pets.

Welcome again, enjoy the conversations and connecting with our members from around the world, you’ll only find the human ones contributing to the conversations though.

Angela and the Team

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We don’t specify that we have a preference for one or the other in our profile, even if we slightly prefer dogs.

It is rare enough to be contacted directly by owners, especially at the start it’ll be mainly you reaching out and applying for sits, so just apply for the animals you are interested in and make it
clear in your pictures that you prefer those (e.g post only pics with dogs, rather than cats)

Welcome to THS!

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Wonderful! Thanks for the tip.

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It’s true that it’s unlikely that a lot of homeowners will write to you (except maybe if you already have good reviews and Christmas/Easter is coming up). Good luck!

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As a HO with three cats and no dogs, I will give Sitters that have a lot of good cat-based photos and cat references a big boost. I want someone who understands cats (as much as one can, at least :smiley_cat: ), since those are my “kids” and want the best for them.