Start day for house sit and arrival dates

Hi guys, newbie here. I have a sit available for April, but my start date is a Thurs. Do you think this may put people off?

Do you like to start a sit on a particular day??

If so, is it okay to change the dates on my page?

Also, what are your feelings on starting your sit the day before the owner leaves. This is the first time on THS and I am a little unsure of how this works.

Me again @JackOtis and this is a great question about preferred “start dates” and one I can’t remember seeing on the forum. Look forward to seeing our member feedback on this

I have combined your two questions into one post here (just in case you wondered what sort of magic was at play :laughing:).

There are several topics about handovers and arriving before, or on the day of the sit and so as well as any feedback you get here, these will provide some interesting reading:

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Hi, @JackOtis welcome to the Forum.

Personally, I don’t think it matters which day of the week your sit starts, unless it is a very short sit, a couple of days, and you are in a city, where people may be looking for a weekend sit.
If you want a sitter to come a day before your leave, that is ok, quite normal, if the sit is a bit longer. I would suggest that you include ALL dates you want a sitter in your listing - it is ok to change the dates if you have not had any applications, but if you have, let them know you have extended the dates - communication is the key.

If you are able to have the sitter stay with you the day before, state that in your listing. Sometimes that is not possible due to bedroom space etc, so if there is a local hotel, bnb or something let the sitter know - this is very flexible - some HO will pay for this, others not, this is a very fluid option.

Some sitters are almost full time, so including all dates required is important for them, as they move from one sit to the next.

Some sitters only use THS once or twice a year, during holiday/annual leave, or maybe only at weekends - we are a very varied bunch of people so really nothing is wrong or right.


Bonjour Carole
We are french dog-sitters and focused our house-sits in France these last 2 years. We are amazed and so happy to see the number of Home-owners in France nowadays !

As @Petermac says : there is no rule about which day of the week is the best day to start : if you are flexible with your schedule, if your house is big enough to receive your sitters in advance (should they wish/need), don’t hesitate to tell it in your listing : the more informations you deliver and the more flexible you are the bigger is your chance to find a sitter.

I hope you will meet nice sitters for your dogs.

Enjoy THS, it is a fabulous world and a great forum to share experience and ask any question.


Brilliant, thanks so much for your reply


Thats great, thanks for your feedback :grin:

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Interesting question - I’m curious to see the answers!

I’ve never considered the start date of any sit we’ve done so I guess I’m in the camp of “don’t worry about it” - just post your sit dates and whoever wants to apply will apply. That being said, we are retired and half the time we don’t know what day it is anyway… :joy:


Hi, JackOtis. And welcome. I don’t think it matters which day of the week. I do think it would be nice if homeowners would include what time of day they would like sitters to arrive and what time you’re expected to depart on your last day. This helps with advance planning, potential reservations that might need to be made and all things related to a travel schedule which might help one to decide whether or not to apply for a particular sit.


Thank you
:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i know what you mean!!

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