Quick Question On Sit Details - ie Start Date

When does the housesit begin? I am sitting from August 28-September 1. Does this mean I should arrive on August 27, 2022, and leave on September 1, 2022? Thanks for any help you can give a newbie.

That’s something you need to check, and double check, with the home owner. Best if done via messages so you have it in writing and both of you are clear about timings.

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It worries me that you’re starting a sit imminently yet don’t know when to arrive. This should have been discussed with the home owner. Presumably you know by now……Good luck!

Each house sit we’ve done has been slightly different. Some have preferred to meet the day before, especially if they have an early departure the next day. In those cases, sometimes we stayed in a hotel/airbnb and other times we’ve stayed with the homeowner if offered.

Others have wanted us to come an hour or two early prior to their departure to get a walk through of the house and any care needed. And others have left us instructions on how to let ourselves in. Haha!

It’s best to ask each homeowner prior to the sit what their needs/desire is in reference to when you should arrive. :slight_smile:

@Dearap You should have checked with the HO before confirming the sit. I always ask the HO what dates they need me.
Hopefully you’ve now confirmed with the HO.

This depends on what time we leave.
If we intend to leave the house early in the morning, we certainly would like the sitters to arrive the day before. Unfortunately we can’t offer to house them while we are still there, but we would be happy to recommend a B&B or Hotel for them to stay.
Usually we leave in the evening so doing a handover in the afternoon is fine with us. For a longer sit we also prefer sitters who arrive the day before, because you always forget something to tell, explain or show them, especially when your mind is on the packing of luggage for travel at the same time, but we wouldn’t require it, because extra costs are involved for the sitters.

Get it written in stone when you need to arrive and leave. And use the THS ‘conversation’ to do this, rather than private emails so all the info can be accessed quickly.
I’ve (nearly) been caught out a few times with HOs changing dates. One, where the advertised return was on the 11th. ALL our written convos showed 11th. Then in our last telephone conversation just before they left, they quietly and quickly mentioned in passing that their flight was on 11th but that they arrived home 12th. By that time I had already arranged something for the 12th so they had to make alternative arrangements for the 11th /12th.

The sit begins and ends with dates you have agreed and confirmed with the home-owner before accepting the sit (which may not be the same dates that were on the original listing).

Thank you so much for that information. I will have to reach out to the HO tonight to confirm. I do not want any problems with my first housesit.