Summer in the UK meet up possibilities

Our summer UK destinations if anyone is interested in meeting like minded let us know.

High Wycombe, England Jul 7th - July 17th

Redhill, England July 17th - July 29th

Bristol, England July 29th - Aug 13th

Cheltenham, England Aug 13th - Sept 11th

Banbury/Bodicote, England Sept 11th - 24th

Manchester, England Sept 24th - 29th

Avis & James


Hi guys,
I don’t live too far from High Wycombe. I’d be happy to meet up. Maybe in Amersham or Chesham?
Let me know.

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Hi and Hi to @richten1 also!
I will be dog sitting (coming from Europe) in Rotherfield Peppard about half an hour from you from 13-26 July roughly. Google maps puts @ACLRJM more or less in the middle…and I hear Henley and Marlowe are also gorgeous. I would love to do a meet up if we can arrange one; THS is generally full of like-minded souls :smile:

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We’re happy to meet anywhere as long as we can get to the suggested meeting place easily by public transportation (we don’t drive in the UK)

Hi @KateY
I can meet most days except the 13th July when I’m volunteering for Kylie’s concert. Let me know.

I don’t drive or have a car. Too expensive living in London. Public transport shouldn’t be an issue from High Wycombe.

Looks like the bus will take 1 hr 15 minutes to get from our location in High Wycombe to Amersham station. Any day after the 10th and before the 15th would work for us. Since we’re sitting a dog we would prefer to meet mid-day so that we can get it’s walk in before we depart.

Yes Bristol is our hometown. Happy to show you around if you like :blush:
31 july to 3 august

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That would be lovely! Would the 2nd work for you? Shall we take this conversation of the general forum?

Hi Avis and James
At the moment we may be around to meet in Manchester. We love Canada so it would be good to chat!

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Hello itchy feet,

Our trip into Manchester is all free time, no pet sitting so we’d love to meet up with you. Our only commitment so far is on September 28th we’re doing the Coronation Street experience. Let’s chat further.
Avis & James

Great - we have just swapped numbers

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Hi @ACLRJM , I live in Cheltenham. We are away house sitting over the summer but will be back home in September, so we could meet then.

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Hi Debbie! Sounds great! Enjoy your summer away. I will send you a private message with contact details.


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