Symbol to identify outdoor cats

Could a symbol be added that identifies an outdoor cat?
My husband is allergic to cats but we have on occasion sat outdoor cats through THS.
It would be a timesaver when looking for sits if it were possible to eliminate indoor cats from my search.

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You’ve got my vote on that one @Expat6 - I don’t always get affected but some indoor cats have spark a pretty bad reaction, so we now prefer indoor/outdoor cats and would welcome this distinction.


@Expat6 I echo these thoughts. I am allergic to SOME, not all cats but there is no way to know until you around them, so I have had to shy away from any sit involving cats. This idea of a symbol to distinguish between indoor/outdoor is genius!

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When I’ve done a sit with outdoor cats, the homeowner usually has indoor cats as well. But, I’m sure there are many homeowners with just outside cats. I rescue feral cats and the universal symbol for an outdoor, neutered community cat is the left ear is tipped (meaning the left ear is straight across rather than having a point). In some parts of the country, it’s the right ear. Maybe if THS implements something like this, (I think it’s a great idea) they could show their regular cat silhouette figure, but show it with a tipped ear. :slight_smile: