Things can go wrong while sitting

HI @Pameandmarco I’ll add my welcome to the others you’ve had and @Samox24 as always thanks for your help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve added the THS profile link to your Forum Profile … and do let us know how your sit goes and if you remember the name of all of the dogs … :dog: :dog: :dog: :dog: :dog: :wink:

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oh, that is so sad. Thank you for the performance described in such detail.

When I sit I always make sure that I not only have the Vet’s information, I make sure that a system of payment has been arranged. For example, when a TH is at my house, I fill out a form for my Vet that includes my credit card information. They put the form in a locked cabinet and it’s time- dated for just the days that I’ll be away. Other Vets will let the HO call and charge it over the phone. You just don’t want to get into a sticky situation while you are trying to do the best for the pet.


Hi @ShulasMom
I did have the owners vets phone number and despite being told they spoke English, upon ringing them I was told no English and my Spanish wasn’t good enough unfortunately.


Thank you for sharing.
I am so new to this but I would love to sit any little dog :dog:

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I’ve had only 2 sits (of 60+) that have had things go wrong - one with an animal and one with the house.
First, the house - I was sitting in Connecticut - three cats in an older house. I went to the basement to clean the litter and found some water on the floor. Couldn’t find a source and texted the HO who responded immediately - it was a problem they’d had once before - the city sewer line can back up when it gets very cold. The HO asked that I stay out of the basement and try to keep the cats out. The HO contacted the city and with 2 hours they had sent out a sanitation crew (one of those companies that cleans up ‘disasters’). They cleaned up the water and sanitized the basement. Glad the HOs were in contact because I wouldn’t have realized the biohazard or known what to do.
And the animal - I was sitting a week with 3 xoodles and 2 cats. The HO let me know a few days before the sit that one of the dogs wasn’t eating much but that the vet hadn’t figured anything out. All the dogs were friendly, one was a bully but the other 2, including the one who wasn’t eating were great. I took extra care with the ill dog - even shopped a few pet food stores to find a few cans of the 1 food he would eat. Sadly, about a week after the sit ended, the HO let me know they had put the sick dog down - it was cancer. And thanked me for keeping the pup comfortable for the week.
Fortunately, everything else has been great!


…in my experience on Day 4, sitting is always rainbows and sunshine, actually.

I am currently on my very first blessed TH Sit.
Day One:
there was a massive rainbow,
as the Pet Parent took me for the long sunset walk among fields of freshly dark green, growing wheat, and today, despite a long, beautiful woodland walk in Dedham, along a riverbank, through wildflowers, and acres filled with a variety of cows in their different colorful coats, with majestic perfectly rounded oak trees shading me as my 2 dogs played in the water and mud, a white swan nesting, and another swan wandering the shoreline of the river, and the paddle boarders drifting by, with sweet small boats rowing down stream as couples stared at one another with the woman reclining and the man rowing, the dog I am caring for managed to roll in high grass, which made me smile, as I walked in the sunshine for the first time in 4 days, and when we got home, I had the opportunity to scrub, wash, and comb shampoo through 5 thick patches of swan and cow poo;
it was green.

I laughed.
I love housesitting.
Day 5 begins…

Claire + Tarkina.
(PS: Tarkina rolled in grass, repeatedly,
with “heaven-found kicks of glory,”
sans poo!)


@anon84784007 how poetically you describe the scene! Glad to hear you are enjoying your first THS sit so much! :pray:


The HO-people + all their neighbors who walk by all day long – as driveway is farmland/public footpath for the village – are all so nice, kind, generous, interesting and fun. I am very happy. Thank you!


I’ve once had to take a cat to the vet multiple times. Didn’t have a car (city in Germany) so I walked with the cat carrier half an hour to the vet each time. Spoke in my (not so great) best German with the vet. Had to administer eye drops, which the cat hated. But it all turned out well eventually - yes, that’s all in the game. It was a bit disruptive for a 1 week sit but fortunately that’s only happened once and I still enjoyed that sit a lot


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I have not done any sits yet but I see one who has chickens that free range during the day. I’ve had chickens and everything loves the taste of chicken. I’d be afraid that the fox would literally raid the henhouse while they were under my care. I let my chickens free range too but I always have a few more chickens than I need because they do get stolen and eaten. It would’ve a horrible sit to have to report that someone’s birds ever slaughtered while they were away!