Tip regarding local SIM cards / data when doing international House Sitting

For international house sitters, getting a local SIM card or phone contract can be costly so I wanted to share this easy version of getting local data (another sitter told me about it last year and it’s super convenient)

There are apps that sell international data packages (1 GB, 3 GB, for a few days or a month etc.) so that you don’t have to use international roaming or get a local SIM.

Personally, I use an app called “Airalo,” but I’m sure there are other similar options available. I want to clarify that I’m not endorsing any specific app or company, as I have no affiliation with them. Nonetheless, I find the concept itself super helpful when traveling and house sitting abroad.

By using an eSIM provided by the app (your local SIM can stay in your phone), you can download a data plan specific to your destination and easily connect to a mobile network upon arrival. Once you land, you activate the eSIM (a digital SIM card), and within a few minutes, you can use services like WhatsApp, order an Uber, check your messages, text your host that you have arrived etc.

I find this service extremely helpful and quite cheap when visiting another country for a few days or a month or longer. Hope this is helpful to some of you! :slight_smile:


Thank you @Danielsitter for this great info.
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