Tips for putting doggie diapers on a puppy in heat?

I just started a (non-TH) sit in my town; it lasts thru Wednesday. It’s a feisty/bitey cat and a 6-mo mini dachshund (Daisy). The latter went into heat on Friday; it caught the PPs unaware. They’ve been using doggie diapers to avoid blood on the carpet/furniture. Thankfully, there’s a fenced backyard where I can walk Daisy as needed, but I keep having to change the diapers. I’ve only been able to get it on her when she’s eating, but that timing won’t always work.

What are your tips for a puppy in heat? Especially for putting on doggie diapers; but I’m all ears for behavior, etc. tips.

FYI, I did search the forums for tips on dogs in heat/season, but I didn’t see any tips for putting on the diapers by a stranger (me vs the dad who normally does it).

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I have plenty of baby diaper experience but Zero puppy dog diaper experience :joy:

I sure hope someone can provide some helpful tips as I am sure it must be rather difficult to figure out a good strategy if you don’t have someone that’s walked you though the few ways it can be done.

Maybe best to get diaper ready and start by trying to put the pups hips in between your legs gently hugging and then placing the rest under and then securing. just a guess though! I’m sure @Julie-Moderator has tips as she’s around dogs that have been in heat from the rescue she works with.