To write honest bad review or to leave it blank

Weve just had really bad long term housesit including both cat and dog

And during that time we tried to make it as good as possible to feel comfortable in the house.
There are a lot of reasons why this sit was terrible -from neglected pets to very dirty broken house.

I feel very cheated cuz the HO didn’t tell all the truth about the pets and the house and provided old good pics of the house which is not true anymore. But the HO left abroad and I felt responsible and sorry for pets and decided to make their life’s better and somehow make the house liveable and not smelly. When I discovered that the cat trows up because of unsuitable dry food and the dog has constipation I contacted the HO and they immediately reacted and for new better food for them. The communication was good, however, they replied and tried to be involved, but still I regret I took this housesit.

Now it’s time to write a review and I don’t know what to write. Too many bad issues but I don’t wanna be drama queen or make any conflicts after.
Any advice from you guys? Thank you

You have to write an honest review @Mariyka_mir otherwise how will future sitters know what to expect. The reviews are blind now so the fact you had good comms with the HO is in your favour and they can’t retaliate because of what you have written. Sorry it was such a terrible sit! :hugs:


I suggest you write something like:

I wish I’d known these things before I accepted this sit, because I wouldn’t have done it:

(Then a bulleted list of things you were surprised by, like “I had to clean X before I felt comfortable.” Or “The photos didn’t match the state of the home.”)

There were positives that might make this a good sit for someone else, including:

(Bulleted list.)


Please, please, please warn future Sitters.

Rather than saying the home was dirty, you could say something like: “I would give them 2/5 for cleanliness.”

That says a lot!

Reviews are now blind. They cannot see your review before they write their review (or after 14 days pass, when they can no longer write a review).

You are probably never going to see them again!

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@Mariyka_mir Please leave a factual review. Cite the good and the bad. This is imperative so future sitters can make informed decisions!


Please leave a factual, unemotional, review. if you don’t leave a review, future sitters will not know that this is because you forgot, had technical problems, etc. Even if sitters assume that a missing review means a bad sit, they won’t know WHY the sit was bad. Please don’t make us guess.


I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience. When writing a review, it’s essential to provide honest feedback while maintaining a constructive tone. Use the hamburger approach, start with the positives, then list specific things that negatively impacted your sit and finally finish with some more positives. Frame your review in terms of how the overall experience could be improved for future sitters. This not only helps potential sitters but also encourages homeowners to address any shortcomings.

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@Mariyka_mir the blind reviews are about accountability.

Clearly the HO is not inline with the T & C’s that both parties agree to in the exchange.

The blind review holds both parties accountable to the agreements.

And, the blind review alerts both parties to issues/possible issues in the exchange.

You can be concise and not feel like you have to write a short story about your experience.

Write a draft…sleep on it…then edit the draft etc before you post it.

Post it before 14 days… keeping in mind it’s UK time zone, as not to miss the cut off time.


Now with the new review system, I would say that it is best to write. There won’t be the conflict anymore of the retaliatory review by the HO.

There is still the possibility for the HO to write a response to your review. But if they would respond angrily, that is then very visible on their own profile page so that is not a smart thing for them to do.


The system only works if you use it. You have an obligation to any future sitter and it may prompt the HO to lift their game.


We had a similar situation. HO pix showed the home with open windows, everything in nice shape. When we arrived, told ALL windows had to ALWAYS be closed because HO didn’t want cats out (clearly HO had taken pix before getting the cats since there were also no pix of litter boxes.)
The dog didn’t have tags because the collar had come off when off-leash. Something we weren’t told until after the HO had left.
The dog was skittish about loud noises - in a city environment.
BOTH bathrooms were in bad shape: one had a constant leak soaking the floor & the other we were told ALSO had plumbing issues, couldn’t be used.
The kitchen equipment was horrible - just a few pieces of plastic dishware, cutlery was equally bad & sparse, ZERO condiments, etc.
Finally, there were electrical issues throughout.
I wish a previous sitter had been honest and told us how misleading the pix were. We would also never have taken the sit.

@ASASG, did you write a review that reflected your experience?