Tracking collar - new device

this is more of an FYI post than a question…

I haven’t seen one of these in person yet, but I also haven’t seen any one else talk about these specific collars. It’s like an apple air tag but it’s built into the dog’s collar.


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I’ve been on a sit where one of the dogs wore a tracking device. It felt a bit weird knowing that the owners could track us on our walks! but it was incredibly helpful more than once when they went AWOL. I could intercept them before they reached the road.

Have you ever installed the Fi app on your phone for dogs you were sitting? It looks like it tracks walks or car rides you take with them, plus location if they get lost. Trying to figure it out.

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Not heard of that one but a friend of mine back in England used to use an app for her dog which would track where she was if she ran off during a walk. I walked her a few times and it was useful.

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