Traveling In COVID times

Everyone is different but most are content with a quick handover, or for us to leave shortly before they arrive.

That is our plans for all three sits because our home owners aren’t driving home until about 8pm so we’ve booked a nearby B&B and will check in that afternoon, then come back to feed the pups and then leave again before they arrive home.

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We usually arrive at home very early in the morning and, if the sitters don’t want to do a handover in person, it’s perfectly alright if they leave before we are back. We’re just a 30 minutes drive away from the airport so after we have landed and they have fed the cats, they can leave.

If I recall correctly, the only HOs who came back early in the morning (8ish) were getting off a cruise (Seattle to Alaska). They said to just leave the bed as it was. I waited for them to return and then left so they could settle back in.

Nearly all Lufthansa Flights from North and South America, Africa and the Far East arrive early in the morning. We usually travel to South Africa and arrive back at home between 6 and 7 in the morning.