Unsolicited advice

I got an application just now from a sitter with no reviews and no references. The profile and application were also clearly hastily written. I’m wondering if it would be a helpful idea to advise them to maybe come in here and ask for feedback on their profile? I don’t personally want to become their mentor, but I feel like they could do a lot to improve their chances, as they do have some things going for them.

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I wouldn’t, personally. You need to have certain level of self sufficiency and critical thinking skills to be a sitter. Google “trusted housesitters how to write a good profile” or “how to write a good application” and you’ll be bombarded with resources including the forum, the THS blog and a number of individual blogs (including my own :wink:)but it’s clear they didn’t do anything like that. I would just decline.


Agree with @CoolCatAunt
People have to learn to seek out their own solutions. Yes we help each other and those who are coming up behind us but it’s not our responsibility to enable others.
As you say unsolicited advise is not well received and that’s where the school of hard knocks takes over and we can only watch. Until they ask.
We can all do better and we are all learning, getting better and better every day.


I have suggested improvements to sitters who send a badly-written application and are new to the site. I don’t go into a lot of details, but maybe suggest that a personalized application is better or that they get external references. Not everyone knows about this forum, so sometimes I direct people to look for help here.


I think what Lassie suggests would be OK, and only in the case of a new person with no reviews.

A HO/PP gave me unsolicited advice in response to my application and no, I did not appreciate it. I already had multiple 5-star reviews.

Thanks, Katie, that was more or less my concern. :smiley:

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When I was new I simply looked at other sitter profiles as guidance for creating my own.


I still do 5 years later :crazy_face:

But the same profile now looks different on the web interface and on the apps…

I also tend to agree with @Katie . As much as you may want to help someone, it’s not always welcomed. But if you want to do something, when you decline them, you can write something like, Thank you for your application but we went with another sitter. Seeing that you’re new to THS, you may enjoy the THS Community Forum: https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/ Then the onus is on them. This is probably what I would do, as I often feel compelled to help people!


It’s possible to point someone in a friendly way that doesn’t highlight that their application or profile is weak. You could send a msg like this, for instance:

I notice that you’re relatively new to THS. In case helpful to know, the THS forum has many experienced sitters who are generous with suggestions on how to get the most out of your membership. (Include a link.)