Verifications: Basic Vs Standard Vs UNKNOWN

“We provide two levels of verifications. You are asked to complete them one at a time, starting with the Basic Level. Main account holder should complete the ID Document verification process.”

Basic verification (One “ribbon” badge icon)

  • Email address checked
  • Phone number checked
  • Reference received

Standard verification (Two “ribbon” badge icon)

  • Basic verification
  • Identity confirmed
  • Documents checked

UNKNOWN ( Zero “ribbon” badge icon)


If one is curious enough to compare THS sitters with THREE Levels of “Verifications” one discovers the meaning of the 3rd icon:

Standard Verification
Criminal background check

I am suggesting THS

  1. The CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK icon should be described somewhere on the website.
  2. The CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK should not be an icon, but spelled out
  3. There should be NO BASIC Icon: a reference, email address, and phone number are simply conditions of membership
  4. The STANDARD VERIFICATION should not be an icon, but simply spelled out.

Furthermore, in applying the “Verifications” to Search for sitters, owners should be able to narrow the search to those with CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS.

@Angela will clear this up I’m sure, but when I joined & was trying to get all the verifications done properly I wrote to ask how I could achieve all the levels & I was told that there was only one level now & that they had stopped using the advanced procedures.

THS will never be able to get my criminal checks as you can’t find this info on Internet in France. Only police has access to.
I asked myself to justice department a paper called “extrait de casier judiciaire” where only high criminal charges can appear. But you can’t know If the person is divorced, has not paid a pension to his wife or faced driving offenses.

@Saltrams @Provence we did have a third party provider who actioned member Criminal Background Checks globally because of issues with differing market costs and other considerations the service was discontinued. We are continually looking for solutions appertaining to strengthening member trust.

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Hum. I paid something like a $100 CAD, for that criminal background check. I think it was a good way to show how much I cared to set a good and secure relationship between the owners and me. Not saying it would be impossible without. Just a little extra step. But the small icône on our profile prooving that is maybe not undestood by the majority. So I included the fact in my description.


Hi @Samson.

We are looking at removing the current tiers of verification, as this will mean that members are not blocked from doing an ID check if, for example, they have not yet had their references back.

This would also simplify the process and reduce the need to educate members on the different levels of verifications. Currently, we display on users profile ‘ID check completed’ instead of ‘Standard verification’.

Regarding the third tier and the criminal background check, we currently don’t offer this as an option, as our supplier has stopped offering this as a service. We are struggling to find a worldwide solution and don’t want to offer an advantage/disadvantage to sitter applications by only offering a service to particular countries. So we are looking into other services and solutions.



I so agree with you @Brigitte. In UK it’s £22 (or was when I did it). I mention it in our profile too; I hope it demonstrates more about my attitude to caring for an owner’s pets & property than it actually really says about my lack of criminal convictions :crossed_fingers:t3:


So to day THS has members who can show criminal checks and new ones or from foreign countries who can’t show the proof to owners they have no criminal backgrounds?

1/ as an owner i would never ask such paper to anybody

2/ as a sitter i could have been “clean” when i subscribed and later on faced problems with justice. So this paper does not proove much.

I think feedbacks help enough to make a choice, and the vocal contact between owners and sitters too. Feeling, trust.


Whist I understand your struggle, members who have paid for criminal background checks when they joined THS deserve what they were promised: To be in a category apart from members with no criminal background check (CBC

In addition, owners deserve to have a clear idea who has, and who has not been subject to a criminal background check.

For members without the option of the CBC, it would be only fair for them to offer owners some explanation within their online profile.

But to handicap those members who trusted their CBC would allow owners to make better choices is quite preposterous.

And good that you do describe it, because the little icon is meaningless. While we have spent time, effort, and resources to distinguish ourselves, THS “struggles.”

My option: Let those who have no criminal background check, for whatever reason, explain THAT in THEIR profile.

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@Provence we used to offer criminal background checks to all members. We had a global criminal background check supplier, however, they stopped offering this service. (We had very small up-take of this offering when it was live)

We aim to facilitate and make it easy for owners and sitters to trust each other. So are always looking at opportunities to improve this.

Thanks, Ben

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I didn’t even know about it. In the country where I have official residence, no such certification exists. It’s nothing to do with paying for something or not. And I would certainly never explain this in an informal profile - goodness how disagreeable.


If you stopped offering the service, then why do you continue to show sitter’s with a different, badge with meaningless credentials listed with sitters who have badges that are defined?

Why confuse the owners this way?

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I Was asked on another site.
Did I have a check done on Terrorism Clearance
Just because of being from.
Northern ireland .
Felt sick to my stomach

Horrible "méfiance " towards members

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Thank you so much.
We also were asked,how do I know you won’t take my dog.
My hubby laughed.
His sacarist reply if he could would be.
Free Driveway tarmacs and we provide our own :minibus:.

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