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Hello Everyone!

We’ve been housesitting full-time for 2 years now and we are planning to create some video content about our wonderful experience. We want to get some suggestions on what information would you like to know that would be helpful for you and this community?

Marco and Fran

I’ve thought about this since I first saw your post @maptheunknown Did you mean videos for the THS community, such as to help new sitters?
If you meant more of an instructional travelogue, although I can summon lots of enthusiasm for enjoying your adventures & seeing the pets you meet, I can’t think of what could be usefully learnt from videos :thinking:, as opposed to blogs & this forum’s exchange of ideas & Websites such as those of other members like @ScrewTheAverage. You would have a good following on YouTube just broadcasting your travels.
Don’t be disheartened by my lone opinion though :wink:


@Saltrams Thank you for tagging us in this conversation :grinning:

@maptheunknown We suggest creating content that solves a problem you have or have had.

This is what we’ve done in general with our website. We’re both detail orientated people (IT consultant and project manager) so when traveling we found that the city guides we found online were usually lacking in detail and we still spent hours putting together a map and itinerary with all of the information we wanted (history, hours, cost, location, etc.). It made sense to us to publish this information for other travelers like us in our own city guides.

We did the same with house sitting. When we first looked into house sitting (2014/2015) the information we found was pretty surface level and definitely full of headlines that promised glamour and free accommodation. As most of us on this forum know, that’s not a full/transparent perspective. House sitting comes with responsibility, dedication, and hard work.

Our problem was that we wanted to know what house sitting was, would we be good at it, how to apply for a sit, how to find a good sit, and how to get good reviews/do a good job.

From what we found online, even the most comprehensive articles and guides on house sitting didn’t tell us the honest details we needed to know. So, we created our own ‘Ultimate House Sitting Guide’. It’s a 6-part series that covers everything we just mentioned, plus our own experiences, funny stories, and lessons learned. It’s honest and doesn’t sugar coat everything, because house sitting isn’t necessarily for everyone.

The first step to good content is creating something on a topic you’re familiar with and solving a problem. So, what problem do you have or did have that you could help others by solving or giving an answer to?

Next step would be where are you hosting the video content? Note a huge surprise, but we think YouTube is becoming the search engine of video content the way Google became the search engine of websites. If you want your videos to be found, you have to do more than just create quality content, be sure to do a bit of research on SEO and tagging for them :slight_smile:


See; I knew someone would have a better answer!


Thanks so much for the suggestion! Really appreciate it!


Don’t you think you can create a video on You tube but keep it personal and give the link ONLY to the people who might need it ? If they ask via this forum for example.

When I ran a gite, i published a video on Youtube and gave the link to the people who had booked the place, in order to show them films (which don’t lie, compared to photos)

I’ve done the same on the web site made only for my pet sitters (only the selected ones receive the link, and some on this forum too…), it’s different from you : it’s not advices, or showing nice walks for the pets (some owner has done it under Covid threat, in order not to be in company of the sitters), but the film on the house and area. Sitters seem to appreciate to see where they will live for 1 or 3 weeks. Even if they come only drawn by the pets (???)

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Thanks for the suggestion. That’s an interesting idea. Our goal is to make the video public like what @ScrewTheAverage suggested so the video can help anyone even those people that are not part of the TrustedHousesitters community yet. We hope to answer some of their questions and doubts because we probably went through some similar situations when housesitting.


Another reason I posted in this community is to get some insights from Home Owners and not just the house sitters. We would like to get some suggestions from the home owners on what wold help them.

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To reply your question, what would I expect from sitters’ videos as an owner ? to see them move, speak, and to be able to watch “live” their relationship with the pets they have been responsible for.
Some members on this forum are also members of digital nomads (*. I love the videos made by Desmond. It shows how he and his wife behave and play with animals. You feel safe with such a type of sitter (when you’re an anxious owner, what I am)
I’m sure they love animals. Which is the main important criteria.

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Great contribution… love it when people share their expertise willing. Thank you ‘MaptheUnknown’! :star2:

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