Do sitters ever feel that the owner/s exaggerate the amount of time that the dog/s is/are walked each day?


Yes Jane, reading some ads i’m surprised to see you need to walk a dog “minimum an hour” sometimes twice a day + more normal walks.
It must be hard for the owners who still work to spend so much time outside to let the dog pee…
I understood more during my last sit. The old golden lab walked so slowly that when i thought reaching the Eiffel tower would take us 10 minutes, it took in fact 25 if not more… he sniffed, stopped, looked around never ran or jumped.
The owner was working in an office so she paid somebody who came around lunch time to walk her dog.
So for sure i walked her dog a lot. Which did not mean many km .

Definitely. And they comment how well the dog is when they get home.
“ he’s lost weight”.
It’s not a problem to us as we try to walk about 5 miles a day and it’s a far better walk with a dog by your side. But why? Maybe it makes them feel better or they like to look like responsible pet owners. Who knows?
All I know is it’s a win win situation for us and the dogs.


In one way perhaps it’s better that an owner over states than under states the exercise needs of their dogs, that way sitters are at least aware of an owner’s expectations and if you’re a human lover of lots of “walkies” you wont be surprised when a springer wants to go, go, go!! :dog: :running_woman: :running_man: … on the other hand if you’re a lover of lap dogs or a senior pooch who enjoys a gentle stroll around the block twice a day that’s the sit that is right for you and you wont apply for a sit that requires a daily marathon, even if it turns out to be a half marathon.


I’m with @Angela-CommunityManager here. I’d much rather have the energy level overstated. I do love lots of long walks but would prefer to be pleasantly surprised with a lazy dog than a marathon sprinter I wasn’t expecting.

That said @Jane I have definitely experienced owners who were embellishing their dogs energy needs. I sat for a lovely lab who I thought was going to need extra walks once but it turned out she couldn’t keep up with me :joy:


I have seen listings where the dogs are walked 3 times a day. Morning, lunchtime and evening + they can only be left up to 3 hours at a time. Which is ok if you know beforehand. Then the listing states where you can go for days out, where it is obvious you wouldn’t take the dogs, e.g a day trip to London and the theatre


Hi @Jane,

As an owner of a 37mpm(60km)per hour couch potato, the amount she wants to walk or run does vary on the day. So I would definitely talk about her most active days which would be an hour of walk/play in the morning, 30min lunch walk or play and then another 30min walk in the evening. Handfuls of playing and pee breaks thrown in as well of course.

But then there are days (especially when it’s raining) that she will only want to walk 30mins in the morning and sleep most of the day.

This of course goes out the window if she can chase and play with another dog, as she loves other dogs! She’s a Galgo Espanol cross for those wondering.


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