What are your standards for a 5-star review?

Hi all,

I’m currently on a house sit that has been great for the most part. The homeowner and pets are nice but there are a few things that could’ve been better.

The home is slightly messy and I had to do some chores that the homeowner forgot to do before she left. I don’t mind doing chores but it took quite a bit of unexpected time and effort and the instructions were vague.

I’m now wondering what kind of review I should leave since the home comes with great amenities and the homeowner has been very nice. What are some good standards that you all use to rate a sit?


Has the experience met your expectations? If it has its five star.

We all have different expectations which makes reviews very subjective. Personally, I would concentrate on the positives but mention things that have bothered you but don’t make a big deal about it.
Slightly messy houses and unexpected tasks are part and parcel of pet sitting in my experience.


Hi @vquack welcome to our community forum and for posting your question I’m sure you’ll get great responses from our community members.

Pre sit communication is so important, it establishes expectations and communication before confirming a sit will help determine if the sit meets your expectations and if it is the right fit …

These are the positives @ElsieDownie is referring to …

Each sit is different and with time and experience we learn more and manage our sits to match our expectations.

Thank you for sharing, enjoy connecting with other members and please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

Angela and the Team

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Just remember it is not a hotel, it is a home. The homeowner was probably busy getting ready to travel and forgot to do a few bits around the house.


Since unfortunately the rating system is such that most parties give each other 5* even if quite frankly, they shouldn’t, I think it’s important to accompany the rating with a thorough review. E.g. give 5* if you feel uncomfortable, but mention sth along the lines " after an initial clean…" Most sitters know how to read between the lines :wink:

I’m not saying it’s the absolute “right” thing to do, but it seems like a lot of sitters/owners get past the “5* review” this way


I agree with @Els and @ElsieDownie . This is another instance where a revamp of the sitter’s feedback form to include categories (clean and tidy, communication, safety of location, etc.) similar to those the homeowner uses to rate their sitter would solve this problem.