What exactly does “Sitters Need A Car” mean?

Hi there, Claire,
Is there an option of using your HO’s car or are they taking it on holiday? We have used the HO’s car many times when sitting in UK, Spain, France and Norway, sometimes it’s just a question of having the bottle to ask. In the EU (and Norway) it’s relatively straightforward as it’s the car that’s insured but the NFU offer good insurance for a named driver in the UK. Just a thought. Good luck!

It means there is no public transport around and you can’t get to the shops or interesting destinations on foot.

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My hero-host has co-creatively come up with that winning invitation: Yes.
They offered use of car, so our dogs + I can do this adventure properly, with the wind in our ears and hair, respectively.

Thank you, Tuppence. There is nothing like generosity and trust to give me a big sense of belonging.


@LizzyVoo -

You would think so but this is often not the case. It is very rare that sitters genuinely NEED a car. I sometimes think that it is more the fact that the home host has a car and can not imagine how anyone could get by without one.


@anon84784007 This is such great news!! :clap:t2: … here’s to a fab adventure! :grinning:

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Hello Friends ~
Now, that I am a seasoned Veteran of over TWO week here, (“Cute, Claire!,”… ha!)…I see there are as many ways to interpret “Sitter needs a car” as there are Members, so,

I will sum up the answer I can live by:
Communicate to find a mutually beneficial understanding.
It is either a fit, or it is not.

For me, I have been blessed to learn there are hard lines of “no car, no sit,” and there are soft lines of “well, we have a car you could use, if we put you on our Insurance,” +
“Well, there is a bus you can walk to, and that would be fine, but what about your groceries in the rain?”

We are all unique, so a Host may think they would never be comfortable in accepting things that I am perfectly happy to on my New Life Adventure, moving to Scotland:

I can walk in the rain, as I am Scottish by birth, so I can prepare for rain, and soggy groceries are not a concern.

Emergencies are the thing that concern me, and make me feel I must have wheels.

I look forward to learning there may be more replies to “Sitter needs a Car,”
but after only 2+ weeks as a Member, stay tuned… :slight_smile:

Aloha all,


This has also been my experience. Some places yes they are in the middle of nowhere (most delicious places) and that has been clearly explained.
Most simply mean, a car is not provided but in conversation there is public transportation available nearby.
In the middle of nowhere sits I have done, arrangements have been made to stock up and local contacts for emergencies.


wowee that is such a great price. Must keep that in my bookmarks.

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I’ve actually never taken this to mean a car is REQUIRED. I take it as a selection in the App a HO can make indicating that where they live is not close enough to walk or public transport to things around them. And meaning they aren’t willing or can’t loan their own car during the sit. For more than half of my sits, which are in my local area (i do it full time and live this way) ,I have my car so it’s not an issue. For a couple of others where I flew in, i was luckily enough to have one loaned or have them be in transit areas (like SF- DO NOT BRING A CAR !). So I just I would put my two cents in. If they are requiring someone to have a car, i would not sit for them. If they need their pets taken somewhere, they need to provide one or reimburse for Uber Pet

I would read it as meaning that the HOs are not planning on loaning their car as part of the sit, but would require the sitter bring their own or a rented vehicle. I would assume that “sitter needs a car” is the default for any sit that is “not accessible by pubic transporation” and where the owner doesn’t state in the listing that they will allow the sitter the use of a car.

I think you’re right. It is about communication. To me if they are specifically saying “require a car” the wording would indicate that they aren’t open to a walking or biking sitter or that they don’t like the idea of the sitting “relying” on neighbors. They may be thinking in terms of pet emergencies and not sitter emergencies. However, I also imagine that such sits won’t get too many applicants, so if the sit was really appealing, I’d apply and see what could be worked out.

No, it usually only means that the HO feels that they need a car. I have taken several such sits, and then it is in a French village with a bakery around the corner. Basic groceries are also in the village, and a restaurant with a “plat du jour”.

And for getting around there is often a bicycle somewhere that one can borrow or rent, or I have brought my own.

There may also be buses that the HO is not aware of. And there may be excellent footpaths and roads for cycling.


I’ve ticked the box, need a car because of the location. Although we’ve got a couple of pubs and shops, the bus service is pretty limited and our nearest small town is 3 miles approx away. It’s not in case the vets needed at all but for the convenience of the sitter. Of course, if anyone chooses not to have a car, fine. If the vet happened to be needed our daughter would deal with it as an emergency number. I’m guessing most people select that option because of location.

Thank you….I’ve also pointed the same out below and edited my listing to say that the bus transport is pretty sporadic. I’d not even thought it would be taken literally in as much as we don’t want someone without transport. That’d be just silly!