What food do you leave for your house sitters?

We have a regular house sit (a few days every fortnight), and even though our HO has said ‘use anything’, it wasn’t until recently I felt comfortable even using one of her eggs. When I told her she said not to worry about replacing!! We always leave her place spotless, and often with a little something for her to enjoy when she gets home late.
We’ve never had any HO leave a meal, but often we are told to ‘use anything you like’. But we don’t unless it’s perishable, or maybe a few herbs and spices here and there. As I’m a gluten, dairy, grain and sugar free person, I don’t expect the HO to leave food for me as I always take my own provisions, yet, our regular HO now has GF crackers and other things for me to enjoy, and sometimes makes us a GF cake or something, because she loves to bake. What a gem!!!


Since we have a separate cabin for friends/sitters we stock it with the basics like salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil, teas and coffee. Then we take them to the store and let them choose what to stock in their fridge. It takes a few days to learn the animals on a farm so we have time to get them all set before we have a vacation. They are always welcome to anything we/they have forgotten but this makes it more comfortable for all we have found.


As a home owner I tell people to use whatever they can find in the refrigerator. All I ask is that there is coffee and milk when I arrive back home. I clean my refrigerator out before I have sitters so that nothing rots while I’m gone.

As a pet sitter myself, it’s not fun to arrive at someone’s house who has old food “to go” containers and rotting produce, fish or meat in the fridge. The one time this happened, I immediately tossed it all out but that shouldn’t have been my job. If I use something of someone else’s, I replace it before I leave. Good thing those yummy “biscuits” were easy to find in Brighton because I had eaten all of the owner’s stash.


As a sitter we only ask to use the condiments and spices. If anything is in the fridge with an expiry date we will use it and then replace. We so appreciated on a couple of international sits after long flights to have a dinner prepared for us just ready to heat up that evening we arrived and breakfast items ready for us to cook the next morning. No one really wants to go food shopping after a ten hour flight so that was great! We usually have breakfast items or a dinner prepared as well for the homeowners depending on their time of return home.


As sitters we expect to feed ourselves. We have been on sits where there are hens and vegetable gardens and the HO suggested we eat the fresh produce so it didn’t go to waste. We ask if it is OK to use condiments & spices. It is useful if there is fresh milk left by the HO as we don’t bring fresh food with us as we aren’t sure how much room has been left in the fridge. We usually shop on our 1st day, once we have ensure the animals are sorted.


As a sitter I don’t expect or want a meal cooked for me on my arrival. I find that situation slightly awkward as I’m very fussy with my food and who cooks it.
I just want a quick run through the house and pets then I can’t wait to be left alone!
I bring food with me, some fresh & some frozen. As long as I get a cup of tea when I arrive it’s fine.
I’ve had owners cook me meals, tell me to eat what’s in the fridge and even in their freezer. I have been asked to help myself to wine and champagne but I always bring my own.
My favourite is having fresh bread or cake left for me.

I’m both a HO and a sitter. Personally, I like sharing a meal. It gives me an opportunity to get to know either the parents of the pets I’m sitting or the person watching my pet. If someone is coming to my house, I invite them to share a meal or go out for one. I always ask about dietary considerations. The same has been done for me.

A huge highlight was when I petsat for the first time, in Alaska, and the hosts made me an Alaskan Halibut dinner—doesn’t get any finer than that!

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