What if something breaks

If an appliance fails - as opposed to being broken - that’s wear and tear, which could happen at any time, so I definitely would not consider it my responsibility to pay for - or towards - replacement or repair.

We once had a kettle fail on a sit. We hadn’t caused it to fail and hadn’t mishandled it. It was reported to the HO but did not offer to repair or replace and they were fine with that.

We once noticed a hairline crack in a toilet seat. No idea if we’d caused it (no rough handling or slamming down the lid) but did offer to pay for a replacement, just in case. Response from the HO was not to worry, as it had “been on its way out for some time”.

@Kristina, if you didn’t physically break the coffee machine, it’s a wear and tear issue so NOT your responsibility.

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The only machines we use during sits are the washer dryer and refrigerator. Even though we’ve been invited to use ice cream machines, Expresso machines, blenders, etc. we don’t as I don’t want any issues with something breaking whether it’s us or machine. We bring our own pots pans kettle water filter and just drink freeze dried coffee

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Yes. There is a coffee machine here but it looks horribly expensive (modern design) and I don’t quite see how it is supposed to work.