Will you pay for damage done when you where on the property but wasn't your fault?

Im in an house sit, cute appartment in london…
Used the washing machine a few times, all worked well
Yesterday I wanted to wash some clothes and the machine just didn’t turn on!!
Tryed everything, there’s power in the plug, everything seems fine…I touched nothing since the last wash (which was normal!!) But now it’s just not responding.

Today Im leaving so I’ve updated the owner, she said to leave everything as is and she’ll call someone when she’s back, I told her to keep me posted and for now that’s it…
Im not sure what to do, it did happened during my stay but all worked well till now, and it’s not like I did something in between that could cause it.
Should I split the bill ? Ask to talk with the repair person to ensure it was/'nt something I did?

No, I wouldn’t pay anything. How old is the machine? Things give up and it was just unfortunate the machine broke on your watch


no why would you pay, if you didn’t break it? plus, it inconvenienced you as well, as you probably had to go somewhere else to wash clothes?
If you had damaged it, it would be worth asking, but if you simply try to turn it on and it didn’t work, after you’ve checked the power, the child lock, the settings, etc. then it was Time for the machine to be serviced or replaced. It’s annoying when it happens on a sit, but it’s not your fault.


I would only pay for damages that were clearly my fault. Not for a machine breaking down during doing its job.


No, this is not your responsibility. Things wear out and need to be fixed or replaced, that’s part of owning a home. This could have just as easily happened before you arrived. One often doesn’t know when something is going to stop working, this time it just happened to be while you were there.


They probably knew it was on its last legs anyway.

We had lovely sitters in our apartment for 5 months. Our washing machine and dryer were both more than 10 years old, past their usual life expectancy. We told them that if the washing machine or dryer had problems to let us know as we planned to buy new ones rather than get them repaired. We could have had new ones delivered and installed in 24 hours. Home owners normally are reasonable so don’t offer to pay anything if you believe that you didn’t do the damage.


Welcome @JusTal42 - sounds more like an electrical breaker has tripped rather- than the machine has broken …

We had a situation on a sit where there one day there was no power to the heated swimming pool - meaning that we could not retract the cover . ( first world problem, I know )
We had been using it fine the day the day before .

We checked the circuit breakers in the house and looked in the pool house but couldn’t find any that had tripped . We did initially panic; thinking that we had maybe done something to break it ( although we knew we hadn’t) and wondering how we how much it would cost to fix it :grimacing:.

A quick text to the homeowner who replied that there was a separate circuit breaker in a different location for the pool and pool house. We found it flipped the switch and everything was back on .:sweat_smile: