What is this 5 application limit thing about?

Hello all. I am a user of THS for 3 years now and have about 20 or so sits under my belt.
However I never look on the main website and this is the first time I’ve ever used the forum, I only use the app to apply for sits.
What is all this I’m reading about a 5 application limit and applications being “paused” etc? I use the app every single day as I am currently doing sits full time, and I have never seen this? I just look at my pending applications on the dashboard of the app and it either days ‘0-3 applications received’ ‘4-7’ etc etc. Admittedly I haven’t seen any say 8 or more in ages but just presumed that was because it is winter. Are they just limiting applications at 5 now?

Hi @Evie_77,

So fantastic to hear you’ve been able to accomplish so many sits in three years with THS! I have merged your question with a thread that has been covering this topic so that you can see the entire conversation as well as the most recent updates.

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