5 Application Limit - yes, again

Apologies. I know this topic has been discussed many times.

While the comments I’ve read appear to be overwhelmingly NOT in favor of the 5 application policy, THS appears to ignore the feedback. They did take a poll in October , which I only just found out about. But again, no change.

So I’m going to weigh in one more time, in hopes of gaining enough support to create a change in the policy.

I live in the US and joined THS in order to travel to abroad. However, I have only been able to apply for a handful of sits since the 5-app rule began. I get notifications of my Saved favorites in Europe several times a day, but 99% have been scooped up by the time I open the notification. Like running into a brick wall several times a day.

Why do I keep opening the notifications? Because I believe that one of these days I’ll win the lottery and be able to apply in time, and then maybe even get chosen for the sit.

Please, please, please, keep making noise about this issue, if you really are as adamant as I am about changing the rule. Even 10
Applications wouldn’t be too much to ask for a homeowner, and would give more of us a chance. Thanks for reading.


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