Poll: THS's 5 applications limit application process

  • Love it: The new process is excellent, and it has improved my experience.
  • Like it: It’s a good change, and I find it generally beneficial.
  • Neutral: I don’t have strong feelings either way.
  • Dislike it: I have some concerns or issues with the new process.
  • Hate it: The new process is terrible, and I’m not happy with it at all.
  • Not sure: I haven’t formed an opinion
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Admin Notice: This UNOFFICIAL poll has been open for 6 days and will be permanently closed at 21.00 - 9.00 pm BST Monday October 2nd.

We totally get the importance of privacy in polls, but after six days, it’s clear that this poll cannot give the OP or community an accurate picture. And keeping it open won’t change anything about its reliability.

The Forum is a public space open to all and there no way of determining who are members and who are not so the results can easily be skewed. In fun and light hearted polls that’s not a concern for but for more serious matters, this kind of poll can’t be relied on.

We are committed to finding better ways for our community to share their voices and get heard. Thanks for understanding!

The purpose of this poll is to collect valuable member feedback directly from THS members so we all better understand how the new application process is impacting our experience on TrustedHousesitters. Please vote if you are committed to be a member of a platform that meets your expectations and enhances your ability to connect with pet owners and sitters effectively. Users have been really vocal about how they dislike the new process, while others who like the process have been quiet. This anonymous poll is hoping to address that disparity.

The second poll is only for those who dislike the new system. Please vote on how to improve it.

  • Increase the number of applicants to 10
  • Set a limit of 24 hours before the application goes into pending status
  • Restore the old system with unlimited applications
  • Something else
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Thank you for this simple but effective poll. It would be good if THS itself sponsored such a poll.
Hopefully they will notice and do a more representative poll, and promote it on its site.

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Thank you for this poll.
I think it was paused last night by Angela but is now apparently reinstated.
I suspect if people vote but don’t reply as well it will not be very visible on the forum page.
New comments may change that.

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There are apparently 12,483 users on the site currently and to date, we have under 60 votes. I don’t think we will be heard, though I wish we were. Keep plodding :crossed_fingers:


There are also the two polls in Messages and Applications thread - Ben’s official one on video calls and @Saltrams in response to Ben’s. Both worth completing @Expat6 and other members.



With all the different time zones, people not checking in yet etc. I think the response will increase during the next day or two.


I see about equal amounts want the old unlimited system and the 24 hour pause.
In my opinion, THS wants/needs to accomplish two things: speed up owner response and improve the success of new or occasional sitters. Unlimited applications will not do this, although I would favor it over the current system.

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Let’s hope so :crossed_fingers:


From what I have been reading lately on the forum, the HO timing responses, if in fact they actually do respond, have actually gone backwards! And how many times recently have we read about new sitters not being able to get a sit, a lot! And cancellations seem to have risen dramatically. Only TH would have the stats on this I guess, would they???

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Hello :wave: As we already have a thread discussing the same topic - Hating the new ‘5 applications and freeze’ system?
We will be closing the poll for comments as you can comment/feedback on the above thread to keep it all in one place.
You can then still vote on the poll above and it keeps everything a little more tidy. Thank you :smiling_face: