Why so few applications?!

Hi! I have just joined after several years away from THS and it has changed so much it has got so big!
I have listed a sit for August and have only had 2 applications. Is this normal? I’m worried we won’t find anyone as one of the applicants has taken another sit now (we’re not sure the other is quite right for us).
We have a really lovely home in a great location…what am I doing wrong?

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First of all @tab welcome back to THS and to the community forum where you will find answers to most any question you may have.

Yes, THS has changed quite a bit over the last few years. COVID started the changes when no one was traveling, but when that was over, it seems the World opened back up and we all want to travel now…whether a HO or sitter so there are many, many more members looking for the right opportunity.

I would suggest you link your member profile to your forum profile here at How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Welcome & Getting Started - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum and follow the easy instructions. This will allow our members the opportunity to easily reach your profile and hopefully sitters can find you and apply right away.

I really don’t feel you will have a problem finding a sitter for late August as you still have two months to go and MIss Moneypenny and Prince are adorable. Travel costs have increased so much I feel that many are waiting to get the right deal before they apply for any sits in the areas of interest.

I wish you luck!

Hi @tab
I can’t see your listing as you haven’t attached it here but you’ve got advice above how to do that and I suggest you do so members can have a look.
I wonder if you delayed responding to the applicants, particularly the applicant who has got another sit meanwhile. It can be very frustrating for sitters who get excited about a sit, apply (which takes time) and the. Wait for the owner to respond. We can see if the owner has read the application, but sometimes it goes unread for days. That may not be you but just a thought.
A lot of sitters may well already be booked for August but there will still be some about, it’s a way off yet.
There is the 5 application process now, so you’ll only initially get up to 5 applicants then it will be paused until you either accept or decline.