What is your preferred time for a sit to start?

I am finding it hard to word this question correctly :-). When I am looking for sits I am surprised at the number of new sits for a week or longer that start in a week or two’s time. I understand that some sits need to be filled at short notice (especially with Covid) but generally I would like at least a month from today’s date for a sit to be available so that I might be able to arrange to do it. We are fully nomadic and try to book back to back sits. We can sometimes help out with a short notice sit if we are in the area but ideally we need some planning time, especially if travel is involved. Are home owners usually looking for someone in the area if they are needing a sitter?

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Usually I find short notice sits challenging and don’t apply for them. But occasionally they work out well. I had a string of Calif sits 2 weeks, then 5 days off then 10 days. I kept watching closely and lo and behold a sit popped up to fill in the missing days (all but 1) – and the new sit was perfectly situated - I could use the city bus to get from one to the other.

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So far, all of our sits have been international and are planned months in advance so short notice sits wouldn’t be useful to us. However, I’m sure there are people who live locally or at least in the same country, who are willing and able to do those kind. I think there’s probably sitter for every kind of sit!


When I am sitting I sit mostly in SE Asia - Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Bali, so a bit of forward planning is needed.
Most of my sits are longer - a month or more - as HO are ex-pats and travel home once a year, so tend to post their sits well in advance.
When not sitting I am/was based in Singapore, and I have done about 10 sits there, 8 of them a week or less, short notice, where I was able to meet the HO before they travelled - several just going to Thailand or Bali for the weekend.

So my answer to your question -Edit: In normal times, longer sits are planned by HO and posted earlier, as they have to plan travel/flights. Shorter sits can be last minute or only a couple of weeks in advance so local sitters are more likely to apply.


I prefer to plan a few months in advance. I carry out about 10 sittings a year, spending a good amount of time at home in between . When I am at home, I am busy carrying on with my social life. I therefore do not have the time to squeeze in any last minute sittings.

These are unusual times for travel planning there is still much uncertainty. There are more domestic sits happening which need less planning from an owner’s perspective and we have many sitters who are successfully planning back to back sits through 2021 and into 2022.

We are usually organised well in advance, maybe anything up to six months. However, there’s always room for last minute sits in between the longer sits we prefer.
I think anything goes.

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As a HO and flight attendant with work schedules maximum 4 weeks ahead I hope to also find sits at short notice.
As there are sometimes (not now during COVID-19 times) really nice layovers over Christmas or New Years my husband usually likes to come along, it’s important for us to be able to find someone to sit our two cats. I understand that for people coming from different continents traveling on short notice isn’t possible but as long as there also are local people who would like to do it, we’re fine. I guess not every sit travels around the world for months…? :wink:

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