What's happening with New York City?

I’m hoping to sit in New York City over Thanksgiving and there are VERY few sits posted in the next few months. It’s so low that I’m wondering what is going on. Travel restrictions I’m unaware of, other? I was wondering if anyone here has any insights.

No restrictions that I’m aware of. There were quite a few sits listed. I guess they’re all filled. I’ll be there at the beginning of November and I have tickets to see a Broadway show. Broadway is open!

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Hi @margiel with all manner of travel still so uncertain, airports report increased activity but in some cases they are still 80% below the capacity of 2019, there was a news item in the UK today about a chap on a flight to Singapore and he was the only passenger, he received excellent service :slight_smile:

We have noticed sits coming on with shorter lead times. Locations like New York are very popular and sits get high interest immediately they are posted the advice is set up saved searches and be ready to apply when the sit you feel is right for you comes to the site .

We expect sits in location like NY to increase as we get closer to the holidays.

Thanks, Angela, helpful to know.

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NYC sits are very popular, and go fast if the HO reviews and selects quickly.

People are still sort of waiting to see what the virus situation will be by then.

Also, I know quite a few people who moved out of NYC during this time. You may want to broaden your search.