Where have all the longer sits gone?

Pondering where the longer sits have gone (UK)

We’re doing sitting full time and when we started late last year we were fortunate enough to secure several +3 week sits. Since then we’ve not been able to find anything longer than 7-10 days (in our preferred area).

Are owners feeling the cost of living and opting to stay home more or other reasons? Would love to know thoughts of other owners and sitters :slightly_smiling_face:

Lots of short sits, but we are finding these incredibly draining (mentally and physically) due to the amount of co-ordination/ application writing/liaison with potential pet parents / constant learning new pet routines / packing etc etc!

As soon as we settle we’re off again.

Just want a +2 week sit for a bit of grounding!


Hi @TheNomads there have been other sitters asking this question so we’ve moved you post to an existing conversation where there is already some feedback https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/seeking-long-term-sits

Hi @TheNomads - I think it is just another consequence of the five maximum application rule. The same amount of long sits are listed but it seems as if they are not because, as we all know, we do not get to see them once five applications have been received.
We are still managing to pick up longer sits but our preferred areas are large and varied.
I am still using the one-word, fastest-finger-first application method to secure our place in the first five and that seems to be helping, we have been accepted as the fifth applicant a couple of times recently.


Hi @Colin

I’m not sure it’s a consequence of the 5 application rule; I’ve got numerous saved searches and I’m checking the app probably every 1/2 hour at the moment!
Lots of short sits of 4 days and lots of new owners listed.

I appreciate why some threads are merged on the forum, keeps things neater and less repetition etc but the thread I started I purposefully posted into the Owner & Sitter Exchange section as I wanted to open a dialogue on why there seems to be less longer term sits currently (UK based).
By moving my thread to an existing one in the Sitters section of the forum it may get lost and not seen by as many owners which is who I was really wanting to interact with and get their opinions.
I know owners can also view threads across the forum but what’s the point in having different groups to post in if a moderator then comes along and moves threads to existing ones in a different area? I know it’s been commented on previously where threads have been merged and it makes following a discussion difficult as you loose some context with multiple replies to the initial questions.

The original OP of this thread was asking for advice on securing sits as they have had a break.

I wanted to open a dialogue with owners specifically and get their opinions on why they may not be wanting longer term sits.

Slightly different topics (I always do a search prior to starting a new topic and only do so of what I want to ask isn’t specifically covered in existing threads).

Please can my topic be reopened in the Owners & Sitters section?

Thank you :blush:


Hi @TheNomads Repositioned as requested, hopefully you’ll get the response and engagement from owners that you are looking for.

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I too was assuming that the lack of longer sits available had to do with the 5 rule.
They’re in high demand, so they disappear quickly, hitting the 5 quota within minutes.

… But I’d be very curious to know if HO are taking fewer long trips!


Hi, I’ve recently joined as a homeowner and posted two sits, so I’m seeing it from the other side and happy to share my limited experience. I posted 2 sits last weekend - one for 16 days in September and one for a month at the start of 2024. We’re travelling more since lockdown, as we couldn’t bear being grounded!
When I posted my listing, I really expected the September one to be the easy one, but in fact I had 2 good applications for the long sit almost immediately, and had a zoom call and a sitter arranged really quickly. The September one is sticking, I’ve had one application, and they’ve withdrawn for family reasons. Several sitters have ‘favourited’ the listing, and I’ve favourited some of them, but I don’t think they can see that? I don’t think I should just invite them out of the blue (I’ve seen on the forum that many sitters don’t like it) but I don’t seem to have a way of sending a friendly message to see if they’re really interested.
I signed up as a homeowner specifically because of the long trip - I’m not sure yet if would use a sitter for, say, a long weekend.
From my perspective, it’s surprising to see on the forum that sitters are worried about not ‘getting into the first 5’ whereas there are lots of owners a bit concerned at lack of applications. I don’t really I like the ‘low applications’ tag on the listing, it feels a bit unloved!
That was a bit longer than I intended, but it’s good for sitters and home/pet owners to talk!


Interesting. I’m about to post two longer sits in Northern California (sorry, doesn’t help you!). I don’t bother posting short sits on THS because, as you said, it’s a lot of work. This gives me hope I’ll get a good response but the system seems so wonky these days. My last two sits only got a couple applications in five days whereas I used to have to pause within 24 hours to stop the deluge. I don’t know what to think. Changing times, I guess.

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It’s good to hear your perspective, Scottish-Cat-posse. No, sitters don’t see if you have favorited us. Personally, I appreciate hearing from a homeowner who contacts me directly when I have favorited them. I may not be available during the listed dates, but if the dates are flexible perhaps something can be worked out. If not, at least there is a connection for the next time. Good luck to you and thanks for your post.


I am a sitter who likes long term sits. I’m not surprised that your 2024 date was easier to fill. I have currently booked up to the beginning of October with nothing yet in 2024. I think you might be in a lull right now for Sept, the ‘planners’ have already planned a few months out and are booked up (especially where flights are involved, summer can get so expensive!) but others who book closer in are only looking at May/June as their plans unfold.

Your cats and area look lovely and early Sept is a pleasant time to visit your area so I’m sure you will have more applications when the date gets closer.


Thank you :blush:

@Scottish_cat_posse Personally I don’t think it would be useful to contact those who favoured your listing, I think it might be a waste of your time. They favoured it because they like your listing but won’t be available for your particular dates, otherwise they would have applied to ‘get in 5’. I think they saved it to see your future listings in case they’re available then.

I think @uk_american is spot on with the comment about timing being between long term planners and short term travellers.

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Thanks @botvot that’s useful - homeowners are encouraged to invite someone who’s favourited the posting, but it seemed too pushy to me.

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Thanks @uk_american that’s really helpful to have your perspective on this. It’s difficult to know when to list, especially when you’re new to it all. Good to know that I shouldn’t panic, although the ‘low applications’ label feels like a badge of shame. I think if I don’t find someone suitable in the next few days, I’ll take down the post for a while.

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If you want to message potential sitters, I think you should absolutely do it. :blush:
I think the sitters who have said they’re annoyed by getting invitations are in the minority.
I’m always happy to get invited to a sit… it’s a nice compliment if nothing else!

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With remote work so prevalent, there are many more people looking for long-term sits. That’s also contributing to the difficulty many of us are experiencing finding longer sits.

Please post your shorter sits as well. We are on a road trip and like to spend 3 to 7 days in one place then move on. It’s so frustrating to see ideal sits for a month!

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I don’t find invitations pushy at all. If homeowners ask me, I’m happy to consider offers. I telecommute and am flexible.

I was offered a six-week sit right after I signed up with Trusted Housesitters. Coincidentally, it will be located where my company is headquartered, so I’ll get to drop into the office now and again.

My next sit will be two weeks, my first one abroad.

I’ve done a few domestic U.S. sits already and have enjoyed them. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how quickly I’ve become attached to all of the pets. They’ve all been different, but sweet in their own ways. With longer stays, I imagine it will be harder to leave our new furry friends.