Where have all the sitters gone to?

@Becky76 - I checked out Fareham and there seem to be lots of attractions. You list some in the text, but maybe add some photos also. Some people don’t like to see photos of scenery, but I do. You could replace some of the pet photos with shots of local attractions. Maybe even do a screenshot of a tourism website that lists the attractions.

I would also change the headline to grab attention. Currently, you don’t tell us anything that we can’t already see from the thumbnail. Perhaps say “Beaches, nature and gardens near Portsmouth”

Good luck.


You have been given good advice by others to help market your sit. I would also suggest that you add something about your dog’s temperament and how long Cleo can be left alone, so that the sitters can explore the area. I am hoping that you can attract a great sitter, but I would suggest you start exploring a backup plan. Best of luck.


Hi Estelle
I haven’t seen your listing or your communications obviously but in my opinion, finding a great (and free!) sitter is a gift. It’s good fortune. It’s not something anyone is entitled to. So being as genuinely warm, positive, friendly, and appreciative as you are able to be in your interactions with prospective sitters would be my best advice. None of us can control other people but we can put good vibes out there ourselves. Good luck,


Oregon my Oregon my home! We are fairly new to this site. Our first experience was great and had several sitters to choose from. We where very happy with our sitter. I posted our next sit and have not had action? How can I attract a sitter? Thanks

We absolutely love Oregon - one of our favorite States and did a lot of camping there when our children were young. Where in Oregon are you? There are so many beautiful beaches and sights to see. Have you mentioned exactly where you are located in your listing and what sights/attractions are nearby to entice sitters? Some homeowners ask the community members to take a look at their profile to give tips on what can be improved. You may want to look at doing that.


Hi @Scgilfill and welcome to the forum. As @Globetrotter has said, adding your listing to your forum username will allow forum members to view it and perhaps give some constructive feedback. I’d also suggest you take a look at the latest info on the current sitter and owner ratios and in particular Angela’s 10 tips there on how to create and promote an effective listing.

If you’d rather not add your listing to your forum username, then perhaps add the location as shown on your listing and the date range.

Many sitters are waiting until closer to the sit dates these days, for a range of reasons, so don’t get too disillusioned. You may also want to consider searching for sitters in your area and inviting them directly. Make sure to first check their calendars and, if they have a black line through your dates, it means that they are already booked for a THS sit. Other than that, don’t pay too much attention to the calendar as some sitters choose not to use it.

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Hi we are the same - sadly I think they have changed the way adverts for sitters appear on the site as have noticed they want us to upgrade the to “boost” the search I.e. pay more money - such a shame as worked really well so am going to consider looking elsewhere as looking on this forum this seems to be a common problem and makes the experience stressful.

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The boost option is not responsible for more posted sits than available sitters. How should THS manipulate this?
People post listings but no sitters apply. THS is not holding back any applications.
At the moment it’s heaven for sitters: lots of sits to choose from with not much competition.

You have to get creative with your listing. Make it attractive, make it unusual so sitters want to look at it! You have to “sell” yourself to find a sitter. Before you could simply lean back and wait for applications, while the sitters had to “sell” themselves. Now it’s the other way round.

The reasons are that car rentals, air fares and travel costs have increased, but THS isn’t responsible for this.

I suggest you read a bit here on the forum, because this is a well known problem at the moment.

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Am I correct in thinking that, in the past, a HO could relist their listing so it appears at the top but now you have to have a more expensive membership? I have just given a new HO some tips to make her listing more attractive which she has done. However her listing has not moved so sitters will not see it anymore as hundreds more have since been listed.
This doesnt seem fair. If a sitter does anything to their profile then it immediately goes to the top of the sitter listings

It’s tough times for HOs right now, but if you share your listing forum members can help you to improve your listing. The THS staff can also boost or promote your listing. We almost never apply to sits older than 24 hours (HOs often don’t take their listing down after they have started talking to someone).


I think that if a HO deletes their listing and then reposts, it would move to front. I would try that . It can’t hurt if they have no applicants already.

Thanks @Lassie I will tell her to try that, maybe just delete the dates

Every so often there are one, two or three sits that stay at the top of the list. Every time I have searched for US sits for the past three or four days, a sit in Barrytown, NY is first on the list. They must be editing or reposting their sit several times a day.


I noticed that too.

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I was a nomad from late 2017, and also saw the housesit market dry up completely when the pandemic hit. I had not logged on to THS for quite a while, and just happened to look one day (as I was set to sign a lease I was unsure of). Et voila, I was surprised to find a long-term sit in Seattle for December 2020-March 2021. I Turns out, the HOs were ready to get back to their “live in the southern hemisphere” schedule, covid or no covid. And they’d found out last minute that little doggo could not go.

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@mars The Barrytown listing is baffling me also! I don’t think that just editing the listing works to bump it up the list. I tried that once with my own listing and it didn’t help.

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@Lassie @mars I have noticed it too and have flagged with the MS team. Thank you for reminding me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well this is enticing:

You’ll stay in the master bedroom on the second floor and sleep in a queen four-poster antique bed once owned by actor Liam Neeson.

Edited to add that it looks like a great sit.


@Katie - only enticing if Liam Neeson still sleeps in the bed!


This gave me a hearty laugh. Thanks @Lassie ! :joy:

It’s actually kind of a good example of the little stories and quirks and tidbits that can make a sit (or sitter) more enticing.

Not that famous people or their former beds need to be involved. But sometimes the quirks and personality of a place or an animal are what draws a person in! :blue_heart: