Where have all the sitters gone to?

@jaumais There’s no easy answer to your first question. Some locations are more popular than others, and some world factors are as recent as 2022. For example, the invasion of the Ukraine has had an economic ripple effect that is far-reaching. The airline industry is facing complications that are affecting flights and scheduling. That is not an exhaustive list, but rather just some examples.

You haven’t specifically said whether you are facing a different scenario to the one you experienced last fall. If you have a listing that is not receiving the same response, you may want to embed a link to your listing in your forum username/profile..

Hi @vlarrick You did add your listing correctly. I will direct message you shortly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there! I have saved your listing.
I live in another part of Australia but I do get to Sydney and surrounds when I can (due to being massive footy fans). I wish we could help on the occasions you have listed but unfortunately cannot. Plus, we are cat lovers.

Perhaps another time. I do get away quite often so often have a listing.


We have gotten just one applicant and she backed out. Lots of saves though… How do we get applicants for our house/ pet sit dates? Getting worried we won’t find anyone.

Hi @Murphmag and welcome back to the forum. Sorry your return visit is the result of a member backing out of your sit. As your sit is showing in October you still have plenty of time, and we are noticing that sitters are not booking so far in advance at the moment, preferring to wait closer to dates to ensure that travel restrictions don’t impact sits for either party. In the meantime I wonder if you are reaching out to those who have saved your listing? A personal message often helps in this instance.

You might also benefit from adding your listing to your forum profile - the instructions for that are here:

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

This will give you extra exposure among members here in the forum who will likely give you any constructive feedback that might help you attract more sitters for Murphie & Maggie!

All the best, Vanessa

I posted on here about a month ago, had some really helpful suggestions which I have tried to implement as much as I can, but still no interest! Our holiday is in just over a week, so will post on the - within 7 day sits- thread later in the week, and have directly messaged over 60 sitters, but still no joy.
Am starting to despair!

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@ClareA You may want to consider having your listing promoted on social media. If you decide to do that, you will need to direct message @Angela-HeadOfCommunity (click on her username here) as she needs your permission. Here are some details to consider:

Volunteer moderator :canada:

Thank you - will consider that too


How does ‘promotion on social media’ exclude non-THS members from applying? Are these public posts, can anyone see or join a group?

@Lauraa I will tag @Angela-HeadOfCommunity for a detailed response as this is her area of expertise. However, that list was written by her.

To my knowledge anyone can see the listing but to follow the link and apply you have to have THS membership.

Thank you. I’ll see if I can figure out how to link the post to the forum.

Thank you @Snowbird

Hi @Lauraa the listing is posted on our Facebook page/Twitter feed with the link which allows for greater visibility across our membership … but applications are managed in exactly the same way, through the site, not externally meaning only THS can apply.

I’m looking at a facebook page for THS and posts that seem to be for specific sits. The link doesn’t take one to them, though, but to a general THS page. Is that right? I had thought a non-member would be able to see the sit details.

It’s honestly a nightmare… we put up our listing in May for August and found someone, than they had to cancel as a friend of theirs sadly died and in August they are now going to visit the family of this friend (which obviously is not their fault), than we found another sitter but she wasn’t committed at all so we had to let her go and now we are left with less than a month to find someone… our listing has been boosted but we got 0 applications and no one of the people we contacted ourselves can do it.
We’ll probably end up paying a professional because on THS after covid it has become really difficult and stressful to find someone :frowning:
Everyone keeps saying to me that it’s a lovely sit with beautiful cats in a beautiful location and we’ll find someone, but literally no one seems interested.

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@Alys sorry to hear of your troubles securing a sitter. Lovely cats and home, and such a great location. I’ve noticed your listing has ‘sitter needs a car’ and yet you have grocery and local food take away within minutes. The local buses and trains appear to come close to your home as well. Perhaps remove the car issue from your listing and describe your distance from bus routes and trains. Good luck…if we weren’t booked through Aug 30th, I’d certainly apply.

Only listings which owners have approved sharing the link will take the viewer to the listing otherwise the link leads directly back to the homepage … non members can see the posts, even read the details and can sign up for a free account BUT non members cannot apply for sits or contact owners or sitter members, this can only be done through the site as a member.

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Oh sharonde. I am so sorry for you losing Rocko… I too was dealing with losses. My Mom, BF, and beloved dog all within 3 months. I really credit having new places to go and pets to love with helping me heal and regain my joy. And right about the time I would have loved to head out to new places was when Covid hit. But I am loving every day exploring new places (still just driving) and exploring with new furry friends!

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I’m new here so wanted to get your advice about what to do when you haven’t received any applicants and your travel times are getting closer. I posted an intro in this forum and got some great feedback which I incorporated into my listing.

Do last minute sits typically get filled or should I just throw in the towel and look elsewhere?

I just don’t want to get to the last couple of days before travel and scramble.

Any insight or advice is appreciated!

Thanks, Jenny