Where have all the sitters gone to?

@Alys sorry to hear of your troubles securing a sitter. Lovely cats and home, and such a great location. I’ve noticed your listing has ‘sitter needs a car’ and yet you have grocery and local food take away within minutes. The local buses and trains appear to come close to your home as well. Perhaps remove the car issue from your listing and describe your distance from bus routes and trains. Good luck…if we weren’t booked through Aug 30th, I’d certainly apply.

Only listings which owners have approved sharing the link will take the viewer to the listing otherwise the link leads directly back to the homepage … non members can see the posts, even read the details and can sign up for a free account BUT non members cannot apply for sits or contact owners or sitter members, this can only be done through the site as a member.

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Oh sharonde. I am so sorry for you losing Rocko… I too was dealing with losses. My Mom, BF, and beloved dog all within 3 months. I really credit having new places to go and pets to love with helping me heal and regain my joy. And right about the time I would have loved to head out to new places was when Covid hit. But I am loving every day exploring new places (still just driving) and exploring with new furry friends!

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I’m new here so wanted to get your advice about what to do when you haven’t received any applicants and your travel times are getting closer. I posted an intro in this forum and got some great feedback which I incorporated into my listing.

Do last minute sits typically get filled or should I just throw in the towel and look elsewhere?

I just don’t want to get to the last couple of days before travel and scramble.

Any insight or advice is appreciated!

Thanks, Jenny

I just boosted my dates. As a newbie, I didn’t know that it was even a thing so thank you! Fingers crossed someone will see it.

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@JennySalem I’m not sure if this has already been suggested, but you may want to consider reaching out to sitters in your area. Here are some tips:

Steps to search for sitter to invite

Thanks @Snowbird. I’ll look into that. I don’t think I’d have any trouble if it was closer to Halloween because I’m in Salem, MA and lodging is near impossible to find!

I have been sitting all over the world and often chose my destinate based on if a sit is available. But there are so many costs and obstacles to consider. Travel is very complicated right now. I have been traveling throughout the pandemic and have paid a lot of extra money due to changing regulations. For instance, right before I got to London, all the rules changed and it was a full day of dealing with logistics and about $300 USD in extra charges. I followed through instead of canceling but when I arrived, the hosts canceled on me because they tested positive. I ended up paying for a week in hotels. It was frustrating. I ended up finding a short sit in London and the host was amazing.

Another thing is that a lot of sits ask for you to have a car. It’s pretty expensive per day to rent a car and you are breaking the contract on most to put a pet in the car.

I have open availability and could fly anywhere to sit but there is a lot to be weighed out in the process. I do usually look for sits that are at least two weeks.


You could offere to cover part or all of the flight if it would be cheaper than sending our animals to a boarder or paying someone local. Offering a car, local train ticket or passes. There are more people who want a sitter than there are sitters available so some kind of consession might work in your favor. Then you might also be able to find a larger demographics of sitters that meet your needs. I can stay at a hostel in most countries for under $20 a day and they tend to be close to everything and are clean and safe. Saving money on logdging might not be a big enough factor for someone to choose a sit or location. If I stay at a local hostel I have no commitments and I can move on at my leisure. Staying at someones home taking care of animals and a home is work.


I understand your reluctance with the fee when you are on a tight budget- same here! But we’ve found that the first weekend Sit you do pretty much covers the annual fee -in terms of overnights saved. There are so many Sits available on THS especially in the UK its absolutely worth joining. There are 3 levels of membership- just choose the cheapest one- you don’t need the extras. We’ve done 42 sits over the last 3 years and this year since December we’ve found ourselves fulltime sitting! Literally only 5 airbnb overnight costs in the last 9 months!! Massive savings and great adventures! Go for it!!


My trip is in a month and so far I’ve gotten two listing saves but no apps to sit. I really don’t want to cancel this trip, I haven’t seen friends/family in just over 3 years now. I leave on 9/7 and back on 9/17. Starting to stress a bit over this. Boarding the cats is not an option as it would cost me over $1000. I’ve thought about shortening the length of my trip so that is an option. Of the two people that saved my listing, one is for sure not available for this sit and the other hasn’t replied to my email of a couple days ago yet. I’m about 15 min outside the MN Twin Cities area. Any advice or anyone interested would be greatly appreciated. There is construction on my street right now that I’m concerned is putting people off.

Hello Pommiegran,

As a new sitter to THS, my advice is to give new sitters a try. You will get a sitter, they will get experience and a review. It’s a win-win. We all go through the background and ID check and have character references. Give us a try.

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I can assure you that we have given new sitters a try: twice last year we had new sitters but neither were available for our holiday dates this year, and no other new sitters applied!

After two cancellations (one lady thought her dog wouldn’t like my youngest child after nearly a month of us confirming the sit), we finally have some lined up. I have really liked the people we have house sit for. Personalities have been amazing and considerate.
The pets have been beautiful and a pleasure to look after.

We have one near the beach this month (thank goodness!) and another next month, that is not too far away as we do like localised sits.

As my footy team is definitely in the finals, I am hoping we can go see them so hoping someone has a house sit around the time we go! Family Friendly lol This means going “interstate” hopefully.


Hi @rmichele! What a bunch of cuties you have there and the Minneapolis/MN area is just beautiful that time of the year! I think you will be okay with a month out for a sit, but I do have a couple of suggestions that might help. If you changed out your profile front pic to show one of those adorable candid photos of your kitties, I think you might attract a little more interest. That way, a potential sitter can see exactly what fun they are going to be in with them. Also, I see you don’t have your member profile linked to your forum profile. By doing so, if someone is reading your forum request, they can jump right over to see all your info without too hard of a search. If you follow the link How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile it will be very easy to do so.

Good luck!


I’d like to swap out my cover photo as you suggest. I can’t see how to go about doing that.

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Hi we advertised unsuccessfully for a sitter. I understand that not everyone will get a successful arrangement, but would be interested to know the percentages of those offering their homes get an arranged sitter.

I suspect that would be difficult to determine unless homeowners had to fill in some kind of response form explaining why they are rescinding or changing a set of dates every time they do it. Just counting the sits that are rescinded wouldn’t really give an accurate picture since there are other reasons for that to happen.

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I always make sure i can make people aware about transport etc, i would have no worries about leaving a car for our sitters, if it is avaiable .
Hope your having a great time sitting, feel free to take a mooch at my profile for my 2 sphynx babies for sept time

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Hi @Jan24 If you want members to look at your listing, you will need to embed it into your forum username/profile

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