Where have all the sitters gone to?

Hi @rmichele! What a bunch of cuties you have there and the Minneapolis/MN area is just beautiful that time of the year! I think you will be okay with a month out for a sit, but I do have a couple of suggestions that might help. If you changed out your profile front pic to show one of those adorable candid photos of your kitties, I think you might attract a little more interest. That way, a potential sitter can see exactly what fun they are going to be in with them. Also, I see you don’t have your member profile linked to your forum profile. By doing so, if someone is reading your forum request, they can jump right over to see all your info without too hard of a search. If you follow the link How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile it will be very easy to do so.

Good luck!


I’d like to swap out my cover photo as you suggest. I can’t see how to go about doing that.

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Hi we advertised unsuccessfully for a sitter. I understand that not everyone will get a successful arrangement, but would be interested to know the percentages of those offering their homes get an arranged sitter.

I suspect that would be difficult to determine unless homeowners had to fill in some kind of response form explaining why they are rescinding or changing a set of dates every time they do it. Just counting the sits that are rescinded wouldn’t really give an accurate picture since there are other reasons for that to happen.

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I always make sure i can make people aware about transport etc, i would have no worries about leaving a car for our sitters, if it is avaiable .
Hope your having a great time sitting, feel free to take a mooch at my profile for my 2 sphynx babies for sept time

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Hi @Jan24 If you want members to look at your listing, you will need to embed it into your forum username/profile

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Struggling to find sitters for this year, tried 4 times and nothing, pay alot of money but thinking is it worth it, anyone else struggling to find sitters

@Jan24 You posted this 12 days ago. Forum members probably cannot find your listing based on that amount of information. I then replied, suggesting you embed your listing on your forum username/profile. I will again make that information available. Many forum members are happy to assist you. Owners often have success directly based on input from forum members.

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I didn’t post anything again, I made a topic for struggling to find sitters, for the whole of this year, and what is the point of paying so much if there’s no sitters.

@Jan24 I see the point you were making now. My point would be that owners need to maximize the use of what is available to them, which includes the experience and constructive advice that forum members bring to the forum.

When owners are open to suggestions and implement ideas that they may think won’t make a difference, they often do and they are successful in their searches. Those who are resistant to change are less likely to be successful.

I don’t know what your approach was with the listings where you are mentioning dissatisfaction, but it does appear at least that you did not fully utilize what is available to you on the forum. Of course that’s your choice, but as you’ve seen it can mean less than desirable outcomes.

We have all - sitters and owners - had to adjust to changing conditions. We’ve often had to think outside the box. Yes, some owners are ‘struggling to find sitters’, but there are still many sitters available and looking for sits. Hence the reason to maximize all options available to everyone.


Where can I find your listing and what country are you in?

Yes, I’ve given up! Cancelled the renewal of my membership having been a satisfied member for many years but unable to find any sitters this year!

As a sitter, I’ve noticed it seems to be pretty black and white when it comes to sits: some seem to have no applications whereas others are inundated. I think location and length of sit are a couple of factors that determine this. Areas that are appealing to tourists seem to be popular (Edinburgh, London), as are sits several weeks in length. Obviously, it makes it a bit tricky if your sit doesn’t fit these criteria.

It might be useful to contact sitters via their profiles who are fairly local and introduce yourself/ ask if they might be available. I have an upcoming sit that did just this. You might be able to find someone not too far away who could then do subsequent sits. A lady I sit regularly for advertised on this site last year when I was booked but couldn’t find anyone and so I believe changed her plans. Now we kind of work around each other, which suits us both well. Maybe some home owners like having different people each time, coming from further afield, but I would personally prefer to have the assurance and regularity of a local person who could do repeat sits, if you are able to find them!


I am sorry you did not find a sitter. We are located in Canada and our travel plans were thrown in to disarray more than once with COVID, air travel problems, etc. It made it virtually impossible to get to the UK in a reason manner at one point. It seems to me that things will stabilize at some point. I hope you did manage to find an option to allow you to get away.

Is the background check for sitters this inclusive?

It’s a criminal background check, so I should hope so!

To be honest, I don’t know what the house sitters background check is, but at least some of that has to be covered…

Hi @Loreemezz and @MissChef. Here’s more detail about sitter background checks:

@MissChef as far as I know there is no background check on the homeowner only the sitter .

right, yes, that’s what I was talking about - back in April of 2022! :rofl:

:woman_facepalming:t2: sorry replying to the post it says 9hours ago ???