Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats!

Cat lovers, don’t get your hackles up, and you can retract those claws right away - as today, we’re diving (loud, proud and sandy snout-first) into why dogs are better than cats . It’s one side or the other as the cats vs. dogs debate rages on while some continue to claim that cats are better than dogs (they don’t call them crazy cat people for nothing). Have no fear though, fellow dog lover - you’re safe here in this Fido-loving filter bubble as we (very easily) put the question - why are dogs better than cats? to bed.


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity such a great topic that is bound to stir some conversation…LOL I’m a dog person but that could poissibly be due to the fact I am allergic to most cats, thus making it impossible for me to even try an attempt at sitting for a feline…otherwise, I might have to challenge the story! LOL


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity An interesting article… I agree dog walking definitely sparks up conversations with complete strangers! …normally starts something like, “aww what’s his/her name?” and “how old?” …. plus at least at the end of the article it balances out with a link to the argument why cats are better than dogs!
… Balance is restored!! :dog::cat::sweat_smile:




Haha this is great. I am definitely a dog person, although I love our kitty friends too.

The list is pretty spot on though, especially number 1. Dogs definitely have helped me make new friends and even a couple dates. Dogs are a great way to strike a conversation with a stranger, who can resist saying hi to an adorable dog walking by? I know I can’t.

In fact, I made some new friends on my last sit in the UK because of the dog I was sitting. I was sitting the cutest lab and I would take him to the lake nearby almost every day. Almost everyone that walked by would ask to pet him. I become friends with a couple of them and we all visited the Harry Potter interactive studio together. Pet sitting has helped me enjoy solo travel even more because having a dog to explore with is so much more exciting to me than exploring on my own.


Because dogs are so much easier to read than cats!

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