Will a (unfair and untrue) bad review sink me?

If I don’t post a review of the HO, they can write whatever they want and after 14 days I can see it, but not review or respond to them. I’m really puzzled about how to take the ick factor out of the review system.

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I asked a human on chat to remove or edit my own posts, they said no and stated policy.

Can you read the reviews which HOs have left for other sitters? Maybe some HOs are serial bad reviewers?

Yes you can @outdoorsy - Click on the profile and see what they’ve said about past sitters and vice versa for past owners. #insideintel that’s for sure!

Where do I click? No links on the name or photo. Sorry if stupid Q!

You click on the listing and then look at sitters and reviews and then they should all be in there @outdoorsy :raised_hands:t3:

Please file a review appeal to THS for an untrue and not balanced review, which is against their stated policies, and against the law. It is libelous to leave a knowingly false review, and for THS to accept such false review. They need to be held accountable and to swiftly resolve untrue reviews. The emotional and physical consequences of a false review to a pet sitter need to be considered paramount.

Our Review/Feedback guidelines
All reviews, feedback and responses should be; considered, factual, respectful, unemotional and polite.

We advise members to share both the positives and negatives about their experiences. The best reviews/feedback provide constructive and factual information which will help other members in their decision making for the future.

They must be relevant to the sit and pet care aspects only.

I would take this up a notch in your shoes. I’d make it clear to the person you spoke to that you’d like a prorated refund if they can’t remove your own words, since those words will prevent you from getting other sits. These are your words. You aren’t being pressured by anyone to remove your words. You regret your choice of words and your repsonse was hasty. It is not an unreasonable request.

I have been turned down for my last three applications after recieving a couple 4/5 ratings on a review and commentary. I had 100% acceptance on the three sits i applied for prior to that. I’m so sad. :disappointed: I love house/pet sitting and I pride myself on doing a good job.

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