Y'all get interviews?!

@ABGM Its just a very relaxed informal chat and if it’s not listed you are more than entitled to ask where you will be sleeping. It’s a very reasonable thing to ask considering you will be spending quite a bit of your time there so you need to make sure that you will be comfortable.
We always ask them if they have completed a Welcome Guide, also as you chat other questions will most likely come to you then to ask as the conversation flows. Our planned questions really depend on the sit and the types of animals we will be caring for, we prepare a list for anything that is missing to ask during our chat.

Drop the thought of the video call as an ‘interview’- that sounds too much like a job interview- which usually makes most people nervous! In this context its just a way to meet each other, ask & answer questions, and see if it feels like a good match.
Many hosts don’t put all the details in their listings, and often not enough photos either. We don’t always use video calls to get all the info but certainly would message to ask any important questions. Some people like to use the video call to show the sitters around the property and meet the pets.
We had one video call which felt very much like a job interview, more of an interrogation actually, we felt very uncomfortable- they seemed so suspicious. We turned down that sit after the call.
So sometimes the video call works that way too & shows you where it might not work out.


Personally, I actually don’t mind it as an “interview”… thinking about it, I consider myself to be indeed applying for a job – the very important job of being responsible for someone’s home and fur babies. It’s a lot more responsibility than waiting on customers or doing something in an office – it’s someone’s home, privacy, and family – so I have no problem sales-pitching myself as their best choice for the job :wink:
… If I didn’t get the job, then OK, they were looking for something else. “NO” = “Next Opportunity”.

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As sitters we’ve done both and had fantastic sits where we never saw nor met the hosts. Interestingly, as a host I would never accept someone without seeing/speaking with them.

Does everyone speak to the home and pey sitters before their sits. I have messaged and have received sms with photos etc, and they seem nice i just wasn’t sure if i should video as well?

@Ivana2727 in my opinion it is best to have an “interview” so each party can actually “meet” the potential partner for the sit. This gives the opportunity for each to ask pertinent questions that might not otherwise come up from the original request. It also gives each an idea of how the other person portrays themselves, their home, etc., so hopefully there are no surprises. As a pet sitter, I would always want to see the animals and observe their behavior.


Hi @Ivana2727
This question or similar has been raised several times. If you use the spyglass on the top right of your screen and type in Video Calls, it will show all threads that include this subject.
You will see that members have differing views on video calls. I for one, and many others do not have them. It is up to you and the HO.

New people to the site who haven’t had a sitter before are often nervous about the process wondering if it will work. I do what suits them best I offer to chat on the application and most do just ring, if they want a video call as well I don’t mind. I have on several occasions visited so they can meet me, but I am based in the UK and I am booked up to a year ahead so I can usually do this on the way to somewhere. I only apply for sits with good photos that show the whole home so there are no surprises. I have made lots of friends with my owners and some make their holiday arrangements around my availability

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It’s not obligatory to do a video call if your sitters are happy to arrange something without it.
I am a sitter and have arranged sits without video calls, which went very well and I have been back at one lovely lady’s house to mind her cats!
Now that I have a bit more experience though, I’d prefer video calls to see if I click with the pet owners, if it feels good to talk to them. It’s not a hard and fast rule though, if I get a sense of them from messages I might be happy enough to skip the video call.
To cut a long story short, it’s up to you and your potential pet sitters :slight_smile:

I think a video chat is a great idea to get a feel for the sit, the pet(s) and general expectations. However no way would I call it an ‘interview’ but rather a two way exchange of information. The idea of an interview to me implies a paid employer/employee relationship which I hope is not how anyone on THS would view the mutual exchange. Maybe just semantics but for me very important to establish the mutuality and equality of the relationship between sitter and owner.


IV head an interview for every housesit except those who rejected me via the app.

I was surprised some didn’t want to meet day or evening before. There are a lot of details to know learn and ask questions.