Young Sitter Concerns

I am ready to buy my subscription and am looking forward to house sit and spend time with lots of pets although I am a little worried because of my age. I am 21 years old and I’m concerned that I will not get any sits due to HO being skeptical as I am younger and less experienced than most sitters, especially as I will be new with no reviews. Also, I am a little anxious being a young female solo house sitting. Is there anyone who is/has been in a similar position before and what is/was your experience?

I have been working a full time insurance job in London since I left school at 18 but I am saving up to go travelling in a couple of years, and so would love to eventually house sit abroad. I am keen to house sit locally for now to gain experience and was wondering if anyone has any advice?

I am a massive animal lover (of all kinds!) and have experience with cats, dogs, horses and more, as well as having 2 cats myself.


I read somewhere (in THS rules ? or on this forum) there was an age minimum required.
The team will answer you for sure. I thought it was obviously indicated on the web site
But if you read many testimonies on this forum, you’ll understand how and why you need to boost your profile. Many good advices about external references too…
Careful : pet sitting is a huge responsability. Think about it, sitting for free abroad must not be the main goal

Hi Ellie
Although I’m not young (well young at heart) I don’t think your age should be a problem. There is a lot of advice on the website and in this forum how to write a good profile and how to write good applications. It’s a very good idea to sit locally initially and I would urge you, if you can, to offer to visit the prospective owners of sits you apply for in advance of sitting or even being confirmed to give them, and you, more confidence.
Make sure you have some good references from friends/family whose animals/houses you’ve cared for and also lots of photos of yourself with the animals. No point putting pics of just you, they need to see you with animals.
It can be difficult getting that first sit but do persevere.
It really is a fantastic way to travel, but you must ensure that looking after the homes and animals are your priority, not travelling.
Go for it!


We also hesitated to join for this reason and waited until we were one decade older than you, but we have seen some profiles of both very young people and solo men who have been very successful doing this (even though there is a clear bias against both groups). Quite a few sits call for “single women only”.

Hi Candide, thanks for your reply. I have already checked and the minimum age is 21. I understand fully the responsibility of looking after pets, I have experience with many animals including cats, dogs and horses as well as having 2 cats myself. Please be assured that sitting for free is not my main goal, only a bonus!


Hi Smiley, thanks for your advice, this was really helpful. Of course, houses and especially pets will always be my number 1 priority!

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Hello @EllisAshley
Welcome to this incredible wonderful life!
My daughter was about 24-25 when she started pet sitting. She was like you and all of us when we started, no reviews no history. She did have a lot of animal experience and was able to acquire great references. Again like many of us she began locally and then BOOM. She spent a year in Australia, pet sat 11 months back to back. She is well travelled and has tons of experience, wonderful connections and a thriving joyous life. So girl go.

She was the one that inspired and encouraged me to start and now…
Well like daughter like mother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Have an amazing time and don’t hesitate to ask questions, search the topics already discussed and just do it!

She is now (9 years later) a registered veterinary nurse and still does many sits.


I know some younger people that are probably way more organised & responsible than many of my own & older age groups…
I was about your age when i got my 1st property & 1st pet to share it with
Really i think its your commitment to the sit, the pets & your outlook that personally i feel are more important.
But its great to be aware, which you are by addressing your age.
Take it easy, maybe start with shorter sits & pets youre familiar & feel comfortable with. Its good also to address being a solo female sitter. Go for neighbourhoods you feel comfortable in, place’s where you know there will be others to connect with.
Goid luck.


Hi @EllisAshley and welcome to the Community Forum! As you have already seen, you are going to get some great help and advice from members of this forum who are sitters and/or homeowners. The advice I have seen given are exactly spot on…get reviews from friends and family (and even work references) to put on your profile will help get you started. Also, the advice to start sitting close to home is excellent, as potential sits may be familiar with where you live and can feel a little more confident in giving you that first sit.

Lots of pics of you with dogs, cats, or any other furbabies you want to care for will help them feel comfortable with you as it shows you do care about animals. When you do get the opportunity to speak with a potential homeowner, you will most likely do so via some sort of Facetime or Whatsapp site, so make sure you are looking professional and your surroundings are neat and tidy. You would be surprised at what is important to that homeowner.

Good luck in your journeys, and please do update us when you get your first sit! We would all love to see you again!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us on the Forum and we will be happy to assist.

Happy sitting!

Debbie - Forum Moderator


As far as your concerns go about being a young solo female sitter, keep in mind the reviews work both ways. Read reviews of the homeowners and their locations and only apply for sits you are sure you’d feel comfortable with.


Hi @EllisAshley
I’m a solo sitter in my late 30’s and I think about the location & access to support when I apply for a sit. TH is a 50/50 split for me, pet interaction and travel. @ the end of the day if we didn’t want to travel we wouldn’t be on TH.
I’m sure your profile will reflect your level of maturity & starting local you will have the opportunity to meet HO in person.
Good Luck, I hope you enjoy it as mush as I do.


Thanks Amparo! This was really nice, definitely the confidence boost I needed :slight_smile:


Thanks Timmy!

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Thanks for your reply Debbie, this was really helpful! I’ll be sure to lwt you know when I get my first sit :slight_smile:

Thanks Gina, you make some good points! I appreciate your help:)

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Thanks for your reply Mslaura! I completely agree with you. Thank you so much for the encouragement:)

Hi @EllisAshley

A few suggestions for you:

  1. As others have mentioned you should get lots of references. Aim for references from work colleagues, school teachers or even friends of your parents etc. These will be viewed more favorably than a reference from someone your own age.
  2. You didn’t mention if you were still living with your parents or on your own. If you are renting an apartment then you should definitely mention that you are used to running your own household.
  3. Start with weekend house sits close to where you live. Sitters who don’t live locally are less likely to apply for a two night sit if they have to travel a long way to get to it. Short, local sits are a great way for you to build up your experience and get a few 5 star reviews on your profile.
  4. For your first sit, look for one where you have something in common with the home owner. Our very first sit was for an Australian couple living in the UK. Being fellow Aussies we were immediately able to make a connection with them.
  5. Look for sits where the HO are also in their 20’s. They are less likely to have an issue with your age compared to an older person who is looking for an experienced homeowner. (House sitting is one of the few things in life where being older is an advantage :slight_smile:)

I hope that you are successful with your house sitting endeavors, it is definitely an amazing way to explore the world.


Hello, I am a new member to House Sitters, but am using it only as a Home Owner and traveler, I will probably never do any sits. We have a three-week trip coning up later this month, and when I posted it and received replies, I have to admit in this case I did prefer the slightly older and more experienced sitters who applied. This was because of the length of our travel–the possibility of problems coming up is greater the longer we are gone, so we did want someone who we felt could handle any situation. Not that young people couldn’t, of course, but for the lengthy trips we wanted someone older. I would recommend that, to start out, you do more local and shorter-length stays. You’ll get great experience and in a few years you’ll be a little older, more experienced, and ready for more diversity. At the end of September we will have a four-day trip, and at that time we will consider all age groups! Best of luck to you, this is a fantastic group and so beneficial for everyone!


Hi, thanks for your reply and honesty, I completely understand your reasoning. Yes, my plan is to start short and local to gain more experience:)

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