2022 House sitting numbers

Has anyone else made a tally of their 2022 Housesitting adventure?

For us, Jan 1st - December 31st 2022

17 sits
2 countries
282 nights
17 cats
12 dogs


Very impressive @Colin well done!

Shall we combine these 2022 housesitting adventures? @Colin @Joanne


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Here are our 2022 numbers -we sit during school holidays and the occasional weekend

7 sits
1 country (UK) or 3 (England, Scotland & Wales)?
53 nights
10 dogs
8 cats
3 rabbits
13 chickens
6 ducks
3 geese
1 small tank & 1 medium pond of fish


Here are our numbers as HO’s

6 sitters (four couples and two singles)
46 nights 47 days of loving pet care provided
1 dog
2 houseplants

countless walks ,zoomies and treats

One super happy dog and relieved/thankful HO’s = Priceless


This is fun.
Had to calculate :nerd_face:
281 nights pet sitting

5 countries

Dogs 13

Sheep 12

Cats 20

Chickens 40

White squirrels 3
Pheasants 2

Birds too many to count but super fun to learn the species!
Plants, gardens, indoor outdoor a joyful infinite amount from cacti to orchids. Also incredible learning and soul nurturing experiences.

Many repeat sits

Thank you.


Darn I forgot the numerous wonderful humans! :pray::heart:


I’ve done 14 sits in 2022 :slight_smile:


Ooh, I love me some data!

Our year started on the 20th, but the numbers would be the same as we’re on our current sit until the 18th.

So for us it’s:
15 sits
2 countries (Australia & New Zealand)
184 nights
18 cats
3 dogs
1 rabbit
5 chickens
Handful of wild cockatoos
Outdoor fish


Ok! Looks like the numbers for the year, are impressive across the board! :heart_eyes:


I may or may not have made a list @Colin with some sort of tally :wink:


I think your impressive ‘year in numbers’ deserves a thread all of its own :heart:


Top 1% :wink:

Characters :rofl:

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28 sits
4 countries - US, UK, Canada, Australia
2 Australian states
8 US states
247 nights
30 cats
27 dogs
1 hamster
1 guinea pig
several dozen chickens
1 snake (ball python)
1 gecko
Outdoor fish
about 65,000 airline miles
Lots of friendly people and 1 grump


We didn’t do a lot of sits this year as we went on five personal vacations - twice to Mexico, one to Cuba and cruised to Alaska and the Caribbean but just tallied up our sits:

We stayed in Canada for the sits

5 sits
6 cats
4 dogs
For a total of 41 nights . That was fun to look back on!


203 days sitting
In 6 countries
40 dogs (and fell in love with every single one)
6 cats
Numerous chickens
And 1 parrot.

This includes a repeat sit which wasn’t put through THS.

What a joy it’s been.


Oh what a great thread!- I’ve been meaning to tally up our 2022 numbers as its been a full on sitting year for us. So thanks for the prompt!
So…here goes!

41 Sits in 5 countries

  • Spain (1), Germany(3), Switzerland(1), UK (4 in winter +31 more on our 5 month summer housitting tour!) & Singapore (ongoing since 17th Dec)

301 Sitting days

43 dogs
26 cats
40+ chickens
6 rabbits
7 guinea pigs
1 hamster
2 fish tanks
2 sheep
1 horse
A herd of 50 deer! (Just kept an eye on them!)

Wow! Amazing to see- in numbers- what we got up to! The UK summer tour was a personal challenge to crank up our review status- just for fun!- we aimed to reach 50 by the end of summer & even exceeded our goal (currently on no.58!) But beyond that it has been an amazing experience housesitting all over the place, pretty much full time this year; being entrusted with so many amazing animals, a huge variety of homes- from flats to huge country mansions, meeting many lovely people, & having so many different, enriching, experiences (not all easy!!) Also-very important- having the satisfaction of knowing we gave all those 41 families the freedom to go off on all their various trips and adventures with complete peace of mind, knowing that everything was in capable hands! :pray::kissing_closed_eyes::pray:


First year here :smiley:
77 days
7 sits
9 great dogs
5 beautiful cats
1 country USA 5 different states


In addition to lots of long visits with friends and family, driving across the US from bottom to top and coast to coast, and four month-long international non-sit trips, I did

9 sits for
10 cats and
5 dogs and
3 chickens and
a tank full of fish over the course of
134 days in
5 US states

Chicken feed compared to what some of you did. I’m impressed @Colin, @Amparo, @andrealovesanimals, @CoolCatAunt, @toml, @ElsieDownie, and @Lokstar. Well done! :clap:


2022 was my first year with THS

18 sits, approx 250 days sitting

11 cats
9 dogs

6 countries: Ecuador, Mexico, Dubai, South Korea, Australia, and Singapore (ongoing since Dec 5).
In addition 1-month long vacation in Bali and Peru as well as 1-3 weeks in Mexico, Dubai, and Qatar.